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optiplex 320 bios issue


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optiplex 320 bios issue

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When computer is off over night, bios setting change. Bios looks for the floppy drive even though it was turned off earlier in bios. Date and time must also be reset.

If computer is on and you restart it, all is fine. This only happens when it has been off over night.

I have upgraded bios to 1.1.12

It seems like the battery is not holding a charge overnight but I have put a new battery in with the same results.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Hmm, did you get the battery at Radio Shack? Those are good. Does this occur if the PC is disconnected from your network?

  • Yes actually. Battery is new from RS.

    Did not try off of network but doubt serious if it is a network issue. Unless there is a symptom I have not run across that is network related.  Will try though.