XPS 400 Lights 2 and 4


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XPS 400 Lights 2 and 4

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I have a dell XPS 400 that i usually leave on all the time and the other day I passed by it and it had a blue screen with an error code which I didn't write down or remember so I turned the computer off then back on and now I get the 2 and 4 lights on on the tower but no picture or anything. I ordered a new video card and installed it but still same problem. I have tried reseating the memory and reseating all plugs on board. Power light on tower is solid green

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  • Hi, mmatt21e:

    So with the new video card, you still get lights 2 and 4? Did you try setting BIOS defaults?

  • Yes the 2 and 4 light is still on. As far as the Bios I don't have a picture at all to be able to set the bios. The monitor is in standby mode like it's not getting a signal from the cpu. 

  • I still haven't solved this problem yet. I have searched and tried many things

    Swapping memory in each slot indivudally. 

    New video card

    new monitor

    reset bios by removing battery and holding power. 


    Any other things I can try?