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Error code 4400:011A


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Error code 4400:011A

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have bought a new dell xps 8000 and im having problems installing windows 7 on it.

Window 7 cant find any drive to install to 

have loaded the systems check cd and have identified a problem, namely;

Error code 4400:011A

msg: SCSI_0.000_DISC_GENERIC_SD/MMC - target not ready


Is there an easy fix for this??? 

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  • H

    Having the exact same problem on month old xps 800. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi

    I had the same error code when upgrading to Windows 7 from Nov 2009 and now success - try these:

    1. clean up files on hard drive - start, accessories, system tools, disk clean up

    2. defragment hard drive - start, accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter

    3.turn off/disable biometric software - i.e face recognition.  This primarily is the problem as windows 7's final process after installation is for you to log in -  it therefore requires you to manually log in, so have password handy. then reboot.

    4.when logged back in manually - close all open programmes on task bar as this takes up memory

    Now install - hope this works - good luck