KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERR - 0X00000077(0X00000001,0X00000000,0XADD9CC34) - Blue screen of death -


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KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERR - 0X00000077(0X00000001,0X00000000,0XADD9CC34) - Blue screen of death -

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I have a Dell XPS 200 running Windows ME. All updates applied etc.

While the machine sits idle, I come back on occasion, seeing blue screen of death, KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERR, the codes are:

0X00000077(0X00000001,0X00000000,0XADD9CC34). I've looked at Microsoft website & can't find anything.

Does anyone have a suggestion. BTW recently had problems with computer seeing if network cable plugged in, resolved itself & also cannot completely defrag disk, at 48% fragmentation.

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  • Press F12 at powerup and load the Dell diagnostics - run an extended hard drive test.


  • Ran that test, received:

    Error Code 0F00:0244

    Msg: Block 3739401: Uncorrectable data error or media is write protected.

    What does that mean, can I fix it somehow???

  • The hard drive has developed bad sectors and must be replaced with a new one.


  • Is there any way I can get the data off the bad one to a new one??? I have Norton Ghost

  • You may be able to read some or all of your data files from the drive, yes.  You will almost certainly not be able to clone the existing drive - if the current configuration won't boot, neither will a clone restored from that image.

    To attempt recovery, replace the drive, and puchase a spare SATA data cable for the existing drive.  Remove the faulty drive, load and configure Windows, and then attach the original drive as a secondary to recover your data.


  • That's what I did, using my orginal primary drive as a secondary, and copied good stuff to the new drive. Also was out on the Seagate site, since the drive was only purchased 4 months ago, I did found a repair program using DOS to fix the bad sectors, there were 22 of them. Anyways appeared to work, I was able to defrag my original drive with no problems etc.