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XPS 9000 Power Supply Replacement/upgrade...Is this Dell PSU standard ATX size?


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XPS 9000 Power Supply Replacement/upgrade...Is this Dell PSU standard ATX size?

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I would like to know if anyone has replaced or knows that you can replace the power supply in the XPS 9000 with an aftermarket brand such as Corsair PSU or Thermaltake PSU?

I have heard that Dell sometimes makes their power supply units smaller, so aftermarket ATX size power supplies wont fit. I have also heard that they use different connectors on the psu's so that aftermarket psu will fry your motherboard, as the voltages are different.


If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.



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  • Current Dell power supplies (in full size cases such as yours) are ATX standard.  They used to use proprietary power supplies but that went a long time ago.

    The only issue with using a standard ATX power supply is that some cases do not have the rear panel cutout for a power on/off switch.

    Just make sure the power supply you get has all the needed power connctions for your PC (most have what you need plus extras)..

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  • stephengrif

    Most generic standard ATX power supply units can be installed, with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power and EPS/ATX12V 8-pin connectors, with or without the on/off switch.

    You should be able to buy a compatible power supply from either a local or online computer store.

    Note: A power supply with five SATA power connectors, is needed.



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  • I don't know if this is helpful to to the XPS 9000, but I have just gone through a trauma replacing the PSU on my Poweredge 840.

    I did get a standard ATX 2.0 PSU (with 24 pin connector) to work, but a modification was required. Of the 23 wires used in the ATX standard, 22 of them are in the same positions on the Poweredge 840. The one that isn't is the standby (purple) wire. That is in pin 9 in the standard, but is in pin 20 on the Poweredge. Pin 20 is unused in the standard, so the effect was that the power on button didn't get any signal and the machine wouldn't start. Nothing gets fried, but nothing works either.

    To fix this, I put an ATX connector into pin 20 and soldered it to the purple wire from pin 9. FWIW, one can get ATX pin extractor tools, but in the absence of one I cut one out from the old, broken PSU. An article explaining the ATX standard is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATX.

    Why, oh why did Dell do that? After all the heat they took in the late 1990's from using a standard ATX connector, but putting the pins in the wrong positions with the result that PSU's and motherboards got fried when Dell and non-Dell motherboards and PSU's were used together. Beggars belief, really. Dell seem to be fine if you happen to use their support and never want to modify a system yourself, but otherwise who knows how Dell will bend standards to make it hard to use standard components.


  • I just replaced my XPS 9000 power supply with a Seasonic X-750.  In terms of fit, it does snap into place nicely, but it's not quite as tall as the dell PSU leaving a bit of a gap at the back of the case and only two of the four mounting screws lined up properly.   But the important thing is that is up and running. 

  • To use a STANDARD ATX power supply for a DELL Poweredge 840 ?

    YES,it's easy.

    In the standard ATX power supply ,to make the following modification :

    1)To move the PURPLE wire from the pin n.9  to pin n.20

    2)After this modification (purple wire pin.9 inserted in the pin n.20) ,TO CUT THIS CABLE ,two centimeters above the ATX 24 pin connector and, insert between the two ends of the cable that was cut , A PAIR OF STANDARD DIODE (3 Amp. like the BY255 diode) connected in series, with the ANODE (+) connected to the ATX power supply.

       ATX power supply (purple wire) +5.0 Volts------(a pair of diodes in series)-------pin.20 (3.3 Volts out)

    This action,producing a voltage drop of 1.2 volts,will generate on pin 20 the +3.3 Volts , absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the Motherboard !