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Computer starts up, blank screen and fan on full speed


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Computer starts up, blank screen and fan on full speed

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1. Few days ago, when i boot up computer , it comes up with the message of system battery voltage is low, i ignored it and continued using computer

2. During that time, my computer begins to randomly freeze at random times Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

3. Now whenever i turn on my computer, it has a blank screen and the fan runs at full speed

- I bought this dell computer 3 years ago and has been working marvelously for the past 3 years with no faults

- I have checked the battery on the motherboard, it is sitting at 3.15 volts, so the system battery voltage message may have been caused by something else

- I have checked the Ram, video card, HDD, software, it is fault free

- I have cleaned the computer, it is currently free of dust

- I have also replaced the thermal paste with the ones my local computer retailer recommended

- Also i have successfully booted it one time, but when i plugged in my LAN cable in, it froze


- I suspect it could have been caused by me pulling on the usb cord a few days ago when i got a new mouse, damaging the connection between the port and the motherboard

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  • It's crucial to say what model computer you have to get help. The only thing I can suggest is to replace the CR2032 battery ( a guess, check your manual) on the MB. Don't test it, replace it. It's a $3 battery available at any discount store jewelry counter.

  • replaced the battery with the same model CR2032 as the one on motherboard and it is still not working

    I tried to test my motherboard by removing all the rams and turning it on to look for the beep sound. it did not beep. could this problem be caused by the motherboard?

  • just tested the psu, the yellow wire was at 12.15 volts, red wire at 5.20 volts, and oranage was at 3.5 volts

  • I just went through this same problem with  a Dell Dimension E521. The PC was working one day then all of a sudden you could power on the PC and the fan would run at full speed and nothing. I searched all over looking for solutions to this problem and I found lots of "try this and try that", but never actually found a post where someone actually fixed this problem.

    So, I bought a new motherboard and installed this and this did not fix the problem. This was based upon other posts. I then replaced the power supply because of other posts, but still had the problem. However I now noticed that the lights on the front of the machine indicated a hard drive problem. So I pulled the hard drive and tested it in another machine. All I did was just add it as a secondary drive to be sure that I could read the drive. And since I was at it, ran some anti-virus software on it to clean up anything that may be found. So the drive was good although the idiot lights indicated it wasn't.

    At this point I was at a standstill, but then began to think about the symptoms. Fan runs and no startup messages or Dell splash screen. So I purchased a new cpu. The PC originally had the AMD 64 X2 3400 cpu, but I couldn't find a new one of these so I bought an AMD 64 X2 5600. I received it today, installed it and voila....the PC works again!

    I know that this was kind of a long post, but I wanted you to know what I went through to get this working again.

    Good luck


  • You still haven't told us what model PC this is... Hmm


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  • I have the exact issue on a Dell XPS 420.

  • Also check your power supply to your video card.... I checked mine and one was burnt out, replaced it with a new one for $5