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Inspiron 531 won't turn on!!! :(


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Inspiron 531 won't turn on!!! :(

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When I purchase my Inspiron 531 I kept it boxed up as we were in the processing of moving.  Once we moved to our new home, it still was left in the box as I had other priorities.  I had my Dell laptop which I was using until I set up my desktop.  When we finally put up our desktop if worked perfectly fine, it has probably been set up for at least 8 months.  We have used it very little as I prefer my laptop.  I cannot understand how a brand new computer with very minimals use will not start.  I noticed a yellow/orange light a couple of times but it would start up.  IOne day it would not start up at all.  I left it unplugged for a few weeks and decided to see if it would work, to my surprise it turned on, this was at the end of November.  No problems for a while.  Last week I tried to turn it on again and my darn DELL computer will not turn on.  Has anyone had this problem?  Is there a recall for this model?  I have purchased Gateway, HP, and even Compaq in the  past, but was please with my Dell laptop that I thought I would purchase a Dell desktop.   Due to my recommendations, my daughter, my sister and brother have purchased a DeLL and friends.  If I can't correct this problem,  I will definitely make sure I do not recommend DELL ever again!!!!

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  • Hi, yayas52:

    I wish I could tell you that this is the first malfunction in the history of Dell computers, but I'm afraid I must in all honesty admit that there are occasional minor technical difficulties with just about any model. I'm sure it's nothing personal toward you. Big Smile

    In all seriousness, though,<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell> There are two things you need to check, the power light on the front of the case and any beeps or system messages. Please post back and let me know exactly what you see when the system is not starting properly.

  •   I have checked the two things you listed, the power light on the front of the case is not on at all, it is not blue or amber.  Also the computer has not any any beeps or system messages.  I do have power going to the computer, as I see a green light on the back of the cpu.   
    • I do not see this as minor technical difficulties,  if I can't use my computer, I see it as a major problem.  This desktop has very, very low usage time.  :( 

    I do appreciate you assistance, but I am really bummed!!!

  • That may indicate your power supply is good but there is a connection problem. Open up the case and refer to the manual here. Check the connections from the power supply to the motherboard, and anything else you can see.


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • I am having the same problem except my is making any lights or sounds at all it just like died. ive already donewhat  the owners manual instructed but it still wont work 

  • Hi okeefer55,

    When a system is that dead, you are better off bringing it to a local shop for diagnosis and repair. If you have critical files that have not been backed up, you can remove your hard drive, put in in an external enclosure, and copy those files to another machine.

  • okeefer55

    I am having the same problem except my is making any lights or sounds at all it just like died. ive already donewhat  the owners manual instructed but it still wont work 

    My guess is the power supply or the mainboard, in that order of probability. The power supply is relatively easy to replace, and I'd suggest  this, being quiet, modular (the cables plug into sockets), and having right-angle hard drive power connectors.
    Replacement mainboards can be sourced from eBay, but installing one is a big job.