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Precision T7500 2nd CPU Riser Card - Part Codes ?


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Precision T7500 2nd CPU Riser Card - Part Codes ?

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I seem to be going around in circles on what i though was a simple task.

I need to know the part code to order the 2nd CPU riser card for a PWS T7500, I want the riser on it own (no CPU) and also do i need to order a heatsink or does it come as part of the riser card ?

Hopefully I can then call UK sales and order the part(s).....

Thanks, Martyn



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  • I have looked for this as well, but the only option I can find is to buy the 2nd processor option with the lowest end Xeon Dell offers and then put your own processor in it (and maybe ebay/craigslist that 5502).


    Here is a Dell US link for the "E5502 1.86 GHz Quad Core - Second Processor for Dell Precision WorkStation T7500" (incorrect description as the E5502 is just dual core). This comes with the riser, heatsink and the processor from what I've been able to find out. If it doesn't mention the "Second Processor" part, it's just the bare processor (for the first socket that's on the motherboard).

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  • The only way I have ever found to get real answers is to call the Workstation support line.  They can typically give accurate answers.  The regular business upgrade/accessory line is completely worthless in every way for questions like this.

  • I'm suffering the same problem. I recently bought a T7500 on the condition I'd be able to use a 2nd CPU in the system.. I was disappointed to see it required a riser card..

    Dell referred me onto a parts reseller to try and get this card. After much struggling on their part to find the part, I receiving a quote for "second cpu riser assembly". Bonus! Ordered straight away.. A box turned up yesterday... it contained a heat sink.. definitely NOT a riser card..

    In fact it seems that the heatsink is one part out of four. Here's the part numbers I've found for the whole assembly:.. I can't confirm that they're right.. except for the heatsink:

    Dell Heatsink with Fan (Part: W567F)
    Dell Memory Blower Fan (Part: Y730D)
    Dell Memory Shroud (Part: P787F)
    Dell 2nd CPU and Memory Riser Board for T7500 (Part: H236F)

    These are manufacturer part numbers, as revealed by google. I can't confirm the last three are accurate, but the card board box in which my "riser" heatsink arrived had a larger white sticker on the side that said W567F in bold black print, so I guess that part number is pretty official.

    I also believe the heatsink, memory shroud and fan are collectively bundled as part U414F, leaving the riser part separate.. though U414F might refer to all 4 parts.

    The part we're looking for is detailed in the T7500 service manual on Dells website:

    I've detailed my woes on a site I threw together: in the hope it might help the sales guy / Dell find the right part..

    Maybe you could let us know how you're getting on and if you've had any luck getting the part?


  • I was succesfully able to order the parts through Dells parts support.  Call or use the chat feature.  I will update when I get them if I have any issues with the parts.

    Here are the part #'s and descriptions

    Agent (): "this will be for W567F (heatsink), GFF8K (replaces P787F - memory fan & shroud), and H236F (riser card):"

    Agent (): "Subtotal # $292.97

    GFF8K Assembly,Bracket,Blower,Memory Board, Memory,Riser,T7500,2

    GFF8K Assembly,Bracket,Blower,Memory Board, Memory,Riser,T7500,2 - $27.99

    H236F Printed Wiring Assy,Riser Vertical,6,Precision Workstation,T7500 - $194.99

    W567F Assembly,Heatsink,Central Processor Unit,Riser,PrecisionWorkstation - $69.99

  • Any updates on whether those 4 parts are indeed enough to be able to add a 2nd processor to a T7500? It would make a big difference from paying $600+ for a 2nd processor kit and then add the price of a 2nd 5630 (to match the 5630 I upgraded to already).

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  • In actual fact, I only ordered 3 parts:

    • Heatsink (Part W567F)
    • Memory Shroud (Part P787F)
    • Riser card assembly (Part H236F)

    I detailed it all here:

    I now have two CPUs running in my T7500 and I'm very happy!


  • How did you populate memory on the 2nd processor riser card? Did you use the numbers shown in the Dell PW T7500 picture or did use the printed numbers on the riser card. Note that the memory numbering positions are different on the riser card than in the picture. 

  • Really? I don't remember.. I have 6 DIMMs in total, 3 on the motherboard, 3 in the riser card.. but I seem to remember my riser card's slots were number sequentially, but the ones on the motherboard were not...

    In which order are the slots on your riser numbered?


  • It seems Dell dropped the price on the lowest cost "2nd processor upgrade" for this system. The  is now US$322.

    You're still paying for the processor (which you probably won't use and could ebay (will allow me to test dual procs with my original Dell 5502 before buying the 2nd 5630), but it's not as bad as the $600+ that it used to be.

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  • ...

  • Hi 

    Can anyone please help me!? I have recently bought a dell precision t7500 on ebay and upgraded the cpus to xenon x5570 (2No number). I  have also recently  installed a CPU riser but when installed my pc does not boot?! Once I remove the CPU riser it boots all o.k? What i am doing wrong!!!

    All the fans seems to operate when the cpu riser is installed but I cannot use my second CPU and this is the main reason i bought the dell t7500.

    I would be grateful if anyone can shine any light on this to help me out!


  • Hove you got the same CPU on the main board and the riser? 

    What memory do you have and in which slots?

    See the details here:

    See the section "About Memory"


  • hi there

    I have two xenon x5570 cpu's and my memory is 12 gb main board and 24gb in the cpu riser.


  • What size DIMMs in which slots, is important.

    36Gb doesn't look like it is a supported configuration.

    See the PDF I linked to for what sizes you can use.

  • thanks for this! I wasn't aware that they have to populated differently with a cpu riser. I think I will have to check my memory types to see if they match etc...I will get back to you if this has resolved my issue!

    Thanks Again!