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error code 0F00:1344 disk can't be read


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error code 0F00:1344 disk can't be read

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So I ran the extended test to perfrom a check because windows could not start and the start up repair did not work.

Error code as above in confidence test ,  read test and verify test - "disk-block 30954036: can't read, replace disk or remove write protection."

Does this mean the disk died? or, can I remove write protection? How can I do this when windows cannot start?

By the way, extended test took 8 hours!

Cowgirl Judy

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  • Yes, the hard drive has failed - replace it with a like type (SATA or EIDE) model.


  • It is still under warranty, got it in May and bought an extended warranty. While I do have back up, what about my emails - they didn't seem to back up, is there any way to get any data out of the failed HD?



  • There may yet be.  Purchase a USB 2.0 drive case and have it ready.  Replace the drive when the warranty replacement arrives, mount the faulty drive into the external case, and see what you can read from it.  It may be possible to recover some or all of your data files, even if the drive is far gone enough that it won't boot Windows.

    How you recover your emails depends on which email client you use - and on which version of the client, in some cases.


  • Great! That is exactly what I thougt I could do. I really don't want to send my hard drive back to Dell with allmy 'stuff' on it.

    so If I am thinking right, putting the hard drive into a stand alone case, I'll have access to my data - hopefully - as the computer will now boot up with the 'new' replacement HD. Right? I just fooled around with it, tried booting up with the Vista disk, but no go. Just cannot get past the start up. and start up repair does not want to work. I thought perhaps the disk was bad so I tried booting with the laptop Vista disk! No go. So, in the start up, I thought the CD drive was bad. Opened up the case and unplugged that, then tried to start up, No go.

    Next question - is there a tutorial on how to remove the bad HD so I can put it into the drive case? I can then possibly recover my data to the laptop....



  • What model system do you have?

  • Inspiron 530 SATA hd

  • Service manual is here:

  • Great, thanks for all your help! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! Judy
  • my laptop inspiron hangs whenever i tried to open my computer. i run the Diagnostics option in the start it is showing the following error

    DST short test_Hard drive_fail

    Msg:Disk_block 624629088. cant read,replace disk.

    Msg: Error code 2000-0146

    Msg: Hard Drive 0 . Self test log contains previous errors..

    these were the messages

    but if i open in the safe mode every thing works fine. i can acess all my data.

    how to repair it ..did i need to replace my hard disk .or there is any other way to repair it.




    Answered in your other post HERE.



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