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Is Dimension 9100 Windows 7 compatible?


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Is Dimension 9100 Windows 7 compatible?

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The Dimension 9100 is NOT listed on Dell's windows 7 compatibility list, however I see many posts from people who seem to have gotten it working on other non-compatible machines.

Before I open my copy of Win 7, I would like to know if I will be able to run it.

What scares me is that no matter what I do, I can not get the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor to run.  It starts up and complains about an unexpected error.

Can Windows 7 run on a Dimension 9100?




Dell Dimension 9100

4 GB Ram

2 - 500 GB HDDs in Raid 1 config

Decent video card. 

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  • If you have 4gb of RAM in that 9100, I suspect it is Windows 7-compatible.

    Windows 7 even works with the old Dimension 2350.

  • Hello,

    Download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and run it.



  • Thanks for the reply. 


    The thing is, I have downloaded it and run it many times.  It stops with an error every time.

    "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor ran into an unexpected error. Please reinstall Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and try again"

    This occurs even when runnin in safe mode.  I have heard other Dimension owners report this error. 

    This is really why I am concerned that if this doesnt run, windows 7 will not.

  • It's a Pentium 4 with a 945P chipset. You can rest assured that Intel has produced quality drivers for it; the drivers are probably on the Windows 7 DVD and will install automatically.

    Microsoft is keen to avoid the drivers debacle that occurred with Vista. You can bet that the Windows 7 upgrade will be seamless. I didn't bother running the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor with my nForce2 machine, which nVidia claims is not supported under Vista, and still Windows 7 installed fine.

  • I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor on my Dimension 9100. All the hardware passed, with a note that the ATI Radeon X600 256MB video card would not support the Aero user interface and that there might be issues with the ATI Desktop Component ( Looks like I'll need to upgrade to a more current video card.


  • Thanks for the info!

    I am feeling pretty confidant that I will just go for it.  I really appreciate all the help guys.

    I will update this thread with my results.  Hopefully this can help someone else out there.


  • Update:

    Windows 7 is throwing the following error during the install.

    "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration"

    This occurs at around 28% of the Expanding Files process.  I have tried it 4 times, every time same issue.

    I have unpluged all USB devices aside from keyboard and mouse.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

  • Success!!!!


    I am typing this from my Dell Dimension 9100 Running Windows 7.

    The issue I was encountering with the error "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration" was resolved by updating the driver on my Intel Raid controler.

    Intel(R) 82801 G  Needed to be updated.  The driver I got working was version 6.1.7600.16385

    I found updated drivers on the site.

    Worked like a charm.  I will post the link to the drivers if I can find them again 

  • Congratulations! And many more years of good luck with your 'new' 9100.


  • Oh, I forgot to ask . . . were you upgrading from WinXP? Did you upgrade over your existing WinXP? Did you upgrade to a new hard drive?  Thanks!


  • Thanks!

    Yes, It was an upgrade from XP.  I simply upgraded on top of the existing XP.  It said that it would move old system files to a special folder.

    So far, loving it.  Computer runs great!  No issues.

    I am actually running 2 500 GB HDDS in a RAID 0 (no redundancy) So, it looks like I have a single 500 GB drive, but I can read and write to it at the same time, so performance is great.

    If you are thinking about the upgrade, I reccomend it.


  • I have 7 running on a Dim 9100 4GB with the X600 and Aero.

    I've since upgraded the GFX to X1800XL

    My only gripe is that it seems to bin out when coming out of power saving.  I imagine thats a bios issue as Win7 has better power management than previous versions.

    It's running dual dvb-s2 3200 sattelite cards and streaming to the 360.  HD is jerky but I'll need a nicer GFX card.

    I did a clean install so I can run it for 30 days before activation.  I can always go back to vista without sacrificing this licence.


    Good luck.   Now if only there was a way to make other windows PC's stream live tv for DVB-S.

    You can extend dvb-t if you use webguide but nothing in windows 7.

  • Can you PLEASE email me the link for these drivers as I too have a Dell Dimension 9100 and would love to upgrade to Windows 7. Thank you very much in advance.

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email ID removed per privacy policy>

  • I have been having a hard time finding them again.  I will try and search again.


    This issue will likely only effect you if you have a RAID controller.  It is definitely doable to upgrade to 7.  And you dont need to reformat for the upgrade, so if it fails, you still have your existing XP OS in working condition. 


    Give it a try, and I will try and find the link to those drivers


  • I have installed 64 bit Windows 7 on a Dimension 9100. The upgrade advisor didn't indicate anything of significance. The installation was rather uneventful. I did a full clean install from XP. After the installation, we started having screen freezes where it would appear the computer would lock up for about a minute and then everything would be fine (until the next time). I thought it might be the video card so I replaced it. No help. I have seen hundreds of internet postings discussing the same issue. I have tried everything from changing Power settings to turning off add-ins and everything else I can find. Nothing to date seems to work. I even turned off the Customer Experience Enhancment Program feed caus I thought it might be the problem.  I am beginning to suspect there might be an issue with the motherboard but that is pure speculation. I have the Pentium D with 4 gig of Ram although Windows 7 only reports 3.5 available. Neither Dell or Microsoft have been much help. I would really apprecaite any suggestions but in response to the post, even though I am impressed with the Windows 7 improvements, I would be cautious about putting Windows 7 on a Dimension 9100.