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Windows Explorer has stopped working


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Windows Explorer has stopped working

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When I try to get to my files I open windows explorer after a few seconds I receive the message Windows Explorer has stopped working then Windows Explorer closes. This is the only problem I am having and has nothing to do with Internet explorer. I did a complete virus scan and spybot scan. Any suggestions on how to correct this so I can get to my files. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • woolwv

    Which computer model and version of windows.

    Have you tried using System Restore, to a date before the problem started?

    A better place to post this in, would be the Software & Operating > Microsoft OS forum HERE, this board is for Desktop Hardware.



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  • Inspiron E1505

    Tried system restore from 2 previous dates and no change. Thanks for the advice on where to post I guess Hardware wasn't the best place. I will repost in Software& Operating. I do appreciate you taking the time.

  • I'm having the same issue .  I have Inspiron 530.  I posted this in the Software & Operating section - maybe someone can help us with this.






    Good that you have been searching for threads that may contain solution to your problem, but seeking help by replying & multi posting in older similar threads is not normally recommended


    You have done the correct thing by starting your own thread in Microsoft OS Forum