Can't Switch Between Flat Panel Monitor DVI and VGA Ports


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Can't Switch Between Flat Panel Monitor DVI and VGA Ports

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How can I switch between DVI and VGA ports on my Dell 1907FP flat panel monitor (s/n CN-0CC299-64180-63H-0DGS, rev A00)?

It's normally connected using the DVI port to my E510 running XP Pro and works fine.  I have an old Dell OptiPlex GX-110 running Ubuntu Linux.  This computer only has a VGA port, and works fine when connected to another Dell 19" flat panel monitor.

When I connect the GX-110 to the 1907FP, the monitor doesn't recognize the computer.  The vertical color bar display normally seen when nothing is connected is visible.  I disconnected the DVI cable, and used the same VGA cable that was used to connect to the other monitor.  Do i need to instruct the monitor to use the other port, or is the monitor defective?

Another question - is it possible to determine the monitor part number looking at the sales invoice?  Both monitors only list Dell and just have a sticker with the serial number.

Thanks, Jim




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  • After some experimenting, I discovered that you can switch, but use only one cable, either DVI or VGA.  I had problems when both cables were connected to the monitor.  Also, I could not use two monitors by connecting one to the video card DVI port and the other to the VGA port.