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XPS Desktop 435MT won't boot on first try


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XPS Desktop 435MT won't boot on first try

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I've had my computer for a couple of weeks and it won't boot on the first try if it's been sitting for a while like maybe an hour or more turned off.

I turn it on, it goes to the screen with DELL and the F12 and the bar starts to fill and then just stops.  Nothing, just stops.  SO then I can hold the power button for a couple of seconds, it'll turn off, then hit the power again and it turns on and boots up just fine!  And then it runs fine.

I've updated the Bios, disabled fast boot up, and IM'd tech support.  They took control of my PC and MSConfig'd out a bunch of my startup apps but it's still got the same problem.  I dunno what it could be.  I'm thinking about sending it back.  It does seem to Restart alright though?  I don't know.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • Well, As of today afternoon, I have the same predicament. I rebooted the box and it never came back up. Now, try as I might to power it down by holding the power button for 10 seconds and trying again, it never goes past the screen where the bar starts to fill and just stops. Am I dead in the water?

  • Follow up: This was not due to the Belkin 7-Port USB Hub, but another cheap no-name 7-Port USB Hub that I had attached to the Belkin 7-Port USB Hub. Funny story, but I had chained these hubs. I took out the other Hub and rebooted. Things work well - so my printers are available again. I also went a step further and disconnected my DELL 2707 WFP monitor that was connected to this other hub that I removed. Then I plugged in the hub again and things seemed to work. So it was the Dell Monitor (which is also a USB Hub and Card Reader that failed here. Not surprised at all. I have had this happen with my older Dell Monitor also.

  • Hi Novacaine31,


    The exact same thing started to happen with my XPS 435MT PC. It was also freezing up during long inactivity but I disabled the sleep mode and now it is working fine.


    When I turn on my pc, I often get a yellow ember light (not the white light) so I have to hold the restart button for a few seconds to turn off the pc. I then restart my computer until I get the white light showing a proper pc start.


    It started two weeks after I bought my pc and I haven’t been able to find a fix to this problem yet.



  • Maybe I'll give that a shot.  Today a tech guy from DELL is supposed to come and replace my RAM and motherboard.  I hope that will do the trick.  It's been a pretty bad experience dealing with tech support.  Each time I call they want to trouble shoot from the beginning again without referencing their notes :)  But I've done diagnostics checks, wiped the hard drive, reset the motherboard, had the RAM replaced, reconfigured boot options but none of that has fixed it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's the motherboard and this'll fix it.

  • Well they came today and replaced my motherboard and RAM.  Now it looks like I only have 4GB of RAM that registers.  FANTASTIC!  I really can't believe this.  It's really just so frustrating. I guess it's more talking to tech support now.  This is really less than ideal.

  • Do you have a 64-bit OS? a 32 Bit OS can only address 4GB (actually, a little under) of memory. What OS are you running. What does the BIOS tell you at bootup - you should be able to get into the BIOS by hitting F2 I think.

  • I had to take my XPS 435MT to Futureshop (under warranty) two weeks ago. It took 1 week to replace a power supply and another week to order a new motherboard from Dell. I told them that it looks like a motherboard issue but, they wouldn't listen. It a good thing I now have a laptop "Toshiba" loaded with Windows 7 until they fix my very expensive desktop computer bought in September (2 months ago). I hope to have it back by Christmas time...