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Dell XPS 420 Will Not Power Up.


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Dell XPS 420 Will Not Power Up.

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My Son-in-law has an XPS 420 that was working one time and then wouldn't power up the next time he tried to use it.

The computer is out of warranty but we're hoping we might find some answers here.

I suspected the power supply but thought I'd seek some help here before we start ordering parts that might not be needed.




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  • Some more info will be helpful. Have him look at the color and condition of the power button light. Have him note any diagnostic lights that are lit. See HERE 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    for info on these two troubleshooting aids

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  • Thanks for the reply.  Might be some time before I can check on this as I need to get back over to his place to do the checks.  I get there rarely as he lives about 80 miles from me.