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driver for USB to Serial adapter


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driver for USB to Serial adapter

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I have a new Dell Studio Laptop with Vista. I need to use a USB to Serial adaptor but can't get the driver to load

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  • I use a usb serial adapter on vista with no issues at all. what happens when you install the driver?

  • it says it failed to find the driver. it is a HL-340 adapter

  • Future Tech Systems

    HL-340, HL-232-0108, HL-232-2303, HL-6225CARD, HL-6331 CARD, HL-6368E CARD, HL-8819 CARD, HL-FT232BL, HL-IDE110B, HL-M121 CARD, HL-SIM9.0 CARD


    FTDI's policy on using their VID and PID with their chips is as follows:

    1. FTDI discourages people from using the DEFAULT VID, PID and serial number (no EEPROM connected to the FTDI chip) unless it is a non-mass market device and does not require multiple USB devices of the same kind to be plugged into the same PC.

    2. The customer can use FTDI's default VID (0403) and PID (6001) and have a unique serial number for each USB device. This requires an EEPROM to be connected to the FTDI chip.

    3. The customer can use FTDI's VID and request a unique PID block from FTDI for their products. FTDI maintains a list of unique PIDs which can be allocated on request. This is the best appoach, the only downside is that the customer has to add the new PID reference into the standard (text) INF driver files.



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  • I think there was issues with this and 64bit vista...What you could do is try the xp driver. Or from device manager update driver and broser to where the inf is stored.

  • It must be a 64 bit issue as I've tried many different drivers including XP with no luck. Another issue is my CD drive will not accept the mini discs that the drivers come on so I copied them to my flash drive and pointed the driver loader to there. Frustrated in Alaska

  • I found a lot of tech support and interesting USB serial adapter products at