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Dell studio one 19 with touch screen - possible to turn off touch screen/reduce icon size?

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Hi there

I have a question about the studio one 19 model with touch screen.

I have heard that Vista has been modified to run with oversized icons/text etc to make it easier to touch icons but it doesnt look as nice as Vista running normally.

Is it possible to turn off this effect if we wanted (in the touch screen models) so that if I wanted Vista to appear normally it would? If it is possible would that mean that the touch screen functionality dissapears and the touch zone as well whilst this effect is off?

Am debating whether to get one of these with touch screen functionality for personal use where i would mainly use mouse/keyboard and occasionaly use touch screen for the odd click or scroll. But if Vista doesnt look as nice then i was wondering if for day to day use I could turn off this oversizing effect and return to regular vista but turn it back on when kids wanted to use the desktop or just turn effect off and make use of the touch screen with regular icons/text.

would appreciate any advice from people who have purchased a touchscreen model.



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