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BIOS takes 4 minutes to load


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BIOS takes 4 minutes to load

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Hi all,

My computer (an Optiplex 755) takes a very long time to boot.

The problem happens after the BIOS logo disappears. During around 3 minutes and 45 seconds, nothing happens except for a blinking cursor on a black screen. After that, the computer continues to boot and everything seems to be fine.

This delay happens every time the BIOS is loading:

  • It happens when booting the computer.
  • It happens before I can go into the BIOS setup (by pressing the F2 key).
  • It even happens when resuming from suspend.

It have updated the BIOS to the latest revision (A14), and disabled all BIOS-settings that seemed to be related to booting or accessing the network, USB-devices, diskette drives, and unused harddisk connectors. Also unplugged the network cable. But all of this has no effect. It takes around 3 minutes and 45 seconds before the BIOS continues to load.

I have not seen any error messages anywhere, and I don't notice anything out of the ordinary once the computer continues to boot.

I found one forum message about problems with booting from Samsung harddisk, but this computer contains a Hitachi harddisk.


Does anybody know what is wrong with my system?


Thanks, Peter

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  • pbb72,

    Try disconnecting all hard disk drives and see if the boot time into the bios speeds up. If it does, we know the drives are the issue.

  • Thanks! Why didn't I think of that?

    I've disconnected the harddisk, optical disk drive, and diskette drive. But the BIOS loading time did not change...

  • Cut the amount of ram by 1/2 and check the speed. Try the other memory in 1/2 slots. Any difference?

  • It's not the memory either -- we found the reason now:

    It's the USB connection to the monitor (a Dell 2407WFPb) !!!

    Even with all USB devices (i.e., a memory stick) unplugged from the monitor, having the monitor connected to the USB port on the computer causes the 4 minute delay. Unplugging the monitor and the computer boots up normally.

    Haven't got a clue what the reason can be for the USB hub in the monitor to cause this delay, but I don't really need it. It was nice to have an embedded card reader, but not vital...

    Thanks for the assistance

  • Reconnect the monitor USB cable. Go into the Bios System Setup <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>-Onboard Devices and change USB Controller to No boot. Save the changes. Does it boot up fast now with the cable connected?

  • I will have to wait until I am back from holidays (3 weeks) to check that, but I am 99% sure that I already turned off booting from the USB controller as part of all the tests I did...

  • Just in case anyones wondering.  I work for a company that has used the following models:

    GX260, GX270, GX280, Optiplex GX620, Optiplex 745, Optiplex 755

    And I can confirm that a USB over-amp condition will cause these models not to boot, or will cause a delayed boot.  In the case of the GX620 you get a cryptic error message about USB loading.


    As far as plugging it into the monitor, for some reason, the USB equipment in these monitors is incredibly cheap, they tend to (randomly) go sour resulting in an overamp current from the USB on the Mainboard, causing it to fail several BIOS checks (and then) resultantly, either crash, or boot painfully slow, sometimes disabling the onboard USB entirely.  The same condition occurs if you try to plug a USB device into all of the USB jacks (common for us, with sales points..scanner, receipt printer, keyboard, swipe, etc)

    There is no work around, since I'm pretty confident that once the USB hub in the monitor goes bad, it goes bad.  I have never seen a service-bulletin from Dell about these USB issues, or a solution.

  • Sorry for the late reply!

    Indeed, also when booting from the USB controller has been turned off, boot-up takes close to 4 minutes...