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Beeping and failure to startup


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Beeping and failure to startup

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My year-old Dell Inspiron 530s yesterday refused to startup and beeped four times, paused, and then beeped four times again, followed by another pause, this continued and i just turned it off by holding down the power button. I found out that the beeping was apparently due to faulty RAM, so I found the RAM that came with the computer (I have upgraded it, you see) and replaced them. This time there were two beeps! This is so annoying as there is quite a lot of college work on it which I need. Can anyone give me any advice on how to mend it? I need it up and running ASAP.



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  • tpars,

    4 beeps = RAM Read/Write failure.
    2 beeps = No RAM modules are detected.
    Remove and reseat our RAM and power the PC on.

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