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XPS 710 motherboard replacement


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XPS 710 motherboard replacement

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Dell Customer support can be so frustrating.  My motherboard on my XPS 710 failed.(Solid amber light even after removing all connections).  I phoned an order in for a replacment motherboard for my XPS 710.  It seemed like they were able to order it but I never did get an email with all my order information nor was I able to call it up on the computer.  I phoned again and gave them my email and they said the order was in production.  I asked them again to send me the email, but again I recieved nothing.  The motherboard came in yesterday.  As I was attempting to do the replacment I found out that it is not XPS 710 board (Connectors on back did not match up with holes, Front panel  I/0 connector was different on the motherboard).  So I called up and sure enough they sent me an XPS 720 motherboard and they are telling me that is not compatible with my system! 

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  • supposedly you can use a 720 motherboard but you need some additional replacement parts.  Is this still true? 

  • Yes you need a new I/O Panel and a few other pieces that i cant remember, hopefully some of the others can:D

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  • The aggrovating thing is that the Dell people who I talked to have no idea!!!  I don't know how to resolve this at all.  

  • I need the following sent to me in a Private Conversation -
    Email Address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Service Tag number:
    Reason: Sent 720 GT661 Motherboard Service Kit, needed 710 NP147 Motherboard Service Kit

  • Unfortunately I am having the hardest time trying to exchange this 720 service kit for the 710 service kit I had ordered.  They are wanting to make me re-purchase the kit again because the person on the phone when i was ordering this made a mistake!!  They are not letting me exchange this!   

  • Well so far they still won't let me do the exchange.  They told me on saturday that they can only exchange a 720 kit for another 720 kit!  I don't understand the problem.  Here is what I did.  My motherboard went bad after about 20 months of use.  My warranty had expired and so I did all the troubleshooting myself.  I narrowed it down to motherboard.  I checked there website and I could not find any information about ordering a replacment.  I checked the forums and found similar cases and so decided to call the order in.  So I called in asked for a motherboard replacement for my XPS 710.   At this point is where everything went bad.  I should have recieved an email with a copy of my order.  I never got it.  I tried checking on the order online but found it impossible to find order with the order number they had given me.  I called again and gave them my order# and they found that it was in production.  I asked them to again send me the order via email.  Again I recieved nothing.  The part arrived last friday.  On saturday as I was replacing it I found out that it was not compatible.  So I spent a couple of hours on the phone on saturday trying to get this resolved.  I thought it would be a simple exchange.  Instead I find out that the only thing that they would be willing to due is not charge me a restocking fee on the 720kit I am going to return if I re-order the 710 kit....  

    This is my "Dell" experience....

  • I have an XPS710 that i purchased in August 2007.  My motherboard failed after 22 months, not happy as hardware faults are rare, but can happen so i had a replacement installed by Dell in June 2009 at a cost of £350+. 

    This motherboard failed 9 months later in March 2010.  I have been waiting 6 weeks now for another replacement that i have to pay for as Dell only give a 90 day warrenty on replacement parts.  This doesnt say alot for the faith they have in their components does it.  I'm again not happy about this.

    They have cancelled my order once as they think they cant get the part and refunded £51 less than i paid them.  They sent an engineer with a XPS720 MB this week and of course it doesnt fit so more waiting for a XPS710 part that the call centre guy tonight is adament they can get they are just out of stock (not surprising if they only last 9 months) and because of air space closure due to volcano.

    Luckily i live near Dells head office in England so i have sent the MD a letter under the sales of goods act that the product is not fit for purpose so i will have to see how they respond.

    My experience of Dell looks to be the same as yours, did you ever get it resolved?