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Dell Smart Card Keyboard (model RT7D60) driver installation


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Dell Smart Card Keyboard (model RT7D60) driver installation

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I am trying to automate the installation of the Smart Card reader driver for the RT7D60 keyboard. I have the resource CD which has the follwing installation files:
I have read the readme file which only gives instructions on how to install the driver through 'Add/Remove Hardware' wizard or via Device Manager.
I have also tried to install the driver by right-clicking on the INF file listed above then choosing install, but nothing happens.

This occurs on both Windows XP SP3 & Windows 2000 SP4, and on all the models of dell computers that we have. I have also downloaded a copy of the driver from the Dell website but this makes no difference.

I have to install around 5,000 of these keyboards to install and it would make much more sense to automate the driver installation. Can anyone please help?




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  • Same here I need driver for Dell KB (RT7D60), I installed driver from DOD site (R82752.EXE) but it still not working. It show in device manager that I havr driver installed without any issues. But I still cannot use my CAC card.

  • Recommend installing ActiveClient (available thru your branches IA website).  CAC is not native in XP back.  Vista and Win7 don't seem to have that issue.