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Driver for 6 Button Dell Laser Mouse (M-UAV-DEL8 P/N J660D )


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Driver for 6 Button Dell Laser Mouse (M-UAV-DEL8 P/N J660D )

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Can anyone please point me to the driver for the above mentioned mouse please?

Background is that I took delivery last week of a Studio XPS 435MT.  But the 64 bit Vista Home system installed had no driver for the mouse.  So the generic driver recognised only the 2 standard buttons plus scroll wheel and speed changer. 

I have failed to find a driver on the disc provided, on Dell's site, or elsewhere.  Indeed, the only reference I can find on the Dell site is obscure:

Now the reference there to Logitech may mean it is a rebadged product from them but it's not easy to see which one.

And the reference to J661D does not lead to much more.

An expensive phone call (for the UK Dell use a rip-off 0870 number) produced no constructive suggestions. 


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  • Have you tried loading the Logitech SetPoint drivers for Vista 64-bit off of the Logitech website?

    That would be my next step.

  • Thanks.  The Logitech s/w allows me to use the previous/next buttons for those functions.  But I still cannot configure the wheel click (nor change the side buttons to do anything other than previous/next).  The wheel click is not shown in the interface (although it is recognised - it toggles scrolling.)

    Apparently Dell sell similar mice with pN j664d.  But there are no drivers for that flavour of "Dell Laser Mouse".

    I know it's only a mouse but it's rather sad really - and could have left someone new to hardware issues more than a little confused.

  • Over a year since Last2Neurons post and I still can't find a driver for this mouse either.  It is still not on Dell's website, nor is it on the driver disks that ship with their latest computers (which come with this mouse) ...   I have other mice, but I sure would like to use this to its potential because it tracks better than any other mouse I own.

    If anyone has found this driver in the past  year please let me in on the secret.




  • It's been nearly two years since the original post, and nobody from support has managed to take the time to respond. I'm having an issue with the same mouse. I think this will probably be the last Dell I buy.

  • Assuming you're using Logitech's Setpoint software, go here and read up on UberOptions.

    This guy doesn't work for Logitech but he's been writing tweaks for their Setpoint software for eons. I've used his UberOptions tweaks with several different Logitech mice over the years to make them do exactly what I want them to do, not what Logitech thinks they should do.

    My current MX1000 laser mouse has 8 buttons, plus scroll wheel and tilt scroll wheel.  Every single one of those is configured my way using UberOptions.

    Right now, UberOptions supports Setpoint v. 4.80, which certainly isn't the latest version, but there are both 32- and 64-bit versions of 4.80, and links on the UberOptions site to download that version of Setpoint.

    He's currently working on UberOptions for Setpoint v6.0, and you can download that version of UberOptions, but you'll have to manually specify some file locations with this version of UberOptions to get it to work with Setpoint 6.0  (all spelled out on his site), at least until he gets it automated.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Did everything in here, nothing worked. Ended up installing XMouse (a free application to program mouse buttons) and works like a charm. It's a software, so no driver-based mess ups with it.

    You can get it here:

    When in the main configuration window, just click the button you want to program. The drop-down menu that corresponds to that button will turn from white to yellow, so you know how it's labeled.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks! It works perfectly!!!

  •   [M/N:M-UAV-DEL8]    [D P/N: K251D]      [P/N: 810-000765]      [PID: LZ952B315JR]

    You should have a file called pnt64uw.inf.  Edit  this file in note pad and search for

    Laser Mouse 6000.  You should find an entry that looks similar to this:

    HID\Vid_046D&Pid_C063.DeviceDesc="Microsoft USB Laser Mouse 6000 (IntelliPoint)".  

    Change the line in your file to match the one above and restart your system.  

    It should then recognize your mouse.

    Others Say this software works.  Never tried it myself.

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