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Dell Studio One 19 Owners Thread

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I recently purchased a Studio One 19 Touchscreen with the Mother's Day Anniversary sale, and I haven't seen a single forum thread dedicated to it.  So here goes a start!

I chose my Studio One 19 over the Apple iMac and the Sony All In One because I wanted a touch screen.

I chose my Studio One 19 over the HP Touchsmart for its performance and price (desktop MB and CPU and its price fully loaded the price was still cheaper than a low end HP Touchsmart!).  The multitouch support was also a nice advantage over HP.

Has anyone received delivery yet?  Any reviews from real world users?

Here are some commercial reviews:,2817,2346036,00.asp;lst

UPDATED 8/1/2010.


1) Noisy oscillating fan. Speeds up and down making a constant whishing sound. SOLUTION: Update to BIOS A08 or later.

2) Random year change to future date e.g. 2075. SOLUTION: Update to BIOS A09 or later.


How I installed a fresh Windows 7 x64 on my Dell Studio One 19

Install Dell A07 BIOS
Clean install Windows 7 Ultimate
Install Dell Nvidia driver (also updates SATA driver), then install OEM Nvidia driver
Install Dell Realtek Audio + dvd eject driver. DO NOT install Dell Touchscreen driver as it does not work with MS Touch Pack
Update Windows
Install Dell Fingertapps Touch Zone.
Install Dell Cozi YouPaint, Dell TouchCam, TouchCam Update

Install MS Touch Pack. Find here -
    Install MS XNA 3.0
    Install MS Bing Virtual Maps 3D
    Install MS Touch Pack
    Install Next Window Touch Screen Driver Find here -
    Optional - Uninstall MS XNA 3.0, Install MS XNA 3.1
    Optional - Update Nvidia PhysX

All Dell Touch Zone applications and Microsoft Touch Pack applications work.

FYI there are three different touch screen drivers for the Dell 1909
-Windows 7 default
-Dell signed NextWindow

The Windows 7 default driver and Dell signed NextWindow driver allow you to use all the Dell Touch Zone applications,
    but does not work with the MS Touch Pack applications.
The NextWindow driver allows you to use all of the applications in MS Touch Pack and Dell Touch Zone. 

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  • Of the captures we have received for the fan noise issue, all are within our specification for noise levels. If the noise level is too loud for you, your only recouse is to contact Order Support and escalate to a manager for a full system exchange in the hope that it will be quieter or a Credit Return. I am not in Order Support so I do not know the ins and outs on Credit Return policies.

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  • Ive just got mine its really nice looking and performs well, only problem is after just one day mines broken, i put my anti virus cd in to put on downloaded it went to eject and nothing, the computer wont eject it or even acknowledge that theres a cd in there im gutted

  • I received mine on Monday, set it up on Tuesday, and Wednesday after a shutdown, it won't boot up - never completes POST (power button LED goes solid white, and hd LED blinks about every 3 seconds. 

    Spent 3 hrs on phone support (~1.5 on hold), Desktop sent me to XPS support, XPS support sent me back to desktop support.  It is like this thing is so new they don't know who is supposed to support it (none of the three techs I wnet through really knew this model existed).  All three support personnel went through the same troubleshooting script (hold power button 10 sec with no power attached, then turn on).  They plan to dispatch a tech today for an on-site visit to replace the LCD.

    I realy like the look of the computer, but I think I have a lemon.  Also the bezel around the screen is scratched and cracked.  The screwes holding a shield over the back were just about all stripped out.  Who ever customized this build, was rough on it - it should have never shipped like that.

    I'll let you know how the service experince goes.  Personally, I think they should just build me another one and replace it.



  • stevekesler,

    Based on the bezel condition and the fact that you are still inside the initial 30 days from the invoice date, technical support should issue you a New exchange.

  • Hi stevekesler. I'm curious to find out what happened with your TouchScreen. I've had my Studio One 19 TouchScreen appoximately two weeks. Everything had been working great until last night; I shut down the machine and when I went to turn it on this morning I experience the exact thing you described above. I was just in a chat with a Dell rep for at least an hour trying to figure out the problem. I even took the hard drive and memory cards out! They also dispatched someone to come in the next 2-3 days with a replacement part, which - according to the chat rep - is the motherboard. (How exactly does a motherboard go "bad"?) I'm wondering what the procedure is for fixing a computer like this. Please keep us posted regarding your repair service.

  • Finally received my white Studio One 19, here's a few comments not in the reviews above.


    -bloatware was minimal.  I removed MS Works and Mcafee and that's about it.

    -it comes with all the batteries you need for the wireless components



     -the color white does NOT have a fabric over the speaker. (one review somewhere said it did, but that's wrong)

     -it came with SP 1 as standard.  i installed SP 2 immediately after I got it.

    -the power cord is very short.

    -Dell's customer service was better than my last experience with my M1330.  My first Studio One 19 was missing a component.  Dell was courteous, relatively knowledgable (they walked me through disassembling the back to confirm it was missing), and promptly shipped me a replacement.

  • Chris M,

    I did recieve a call from a tech at Dell the next day, and he placed a order for a new replacement system - It should arrive today. 

    This is the 9th Dell system I have purchased (influenced ~20 more).  This is the 1st time I have had a problem, with any of the systems.  The Dell support people have all been great.  I think the reason I spent so much time on phone/hold, was the system was so new, that the support depts weren't familair with this model and who suports it.  Additionally, I bought it through my companies Employee Purchase Program and the purchase configuration indicates XPS support (2 yr warranty).

    I'll let everyone know how the 2nd system works.  I'm confident I will be happy with it and it will nto ahve any issues.

  • auntmarching,  Once I recieved confirmation a replacement system was being built, I packed the original back up, and haven't messed with it. 

    I'm not sure what failed on the system.  It didn't seem to start or complete the "Power On Self Test"  sequence, so I am not sure if it was the motehr board or what.  I also reseated the RAM and disconnected the HD.  But this didn't help.


  • Thanks for the update, stevekesler. I'm glad you'll be receiving a new one and hope you have better luck with it. Allow me to update the group on my experience:

    After discovering the problem on Monday morning and contacting Dell support, I was informed that a replacement motherboard was being shipped that same day. By Tuesday afternoon, the technician was at my door ready to fix the problem.  He installed the motherboard (I asked what he thought caused the problem and he told me it looked like a power issue), ensured that it booted and left immediately upon seeing that my Windows desktop appeared. I thought all was okay and walked him to the door.  As soon as I turned the corner towards my desk, the computer shut itself off.  I immediately turned it back on and after the Dell logo appeared it turned off again.  I ran out the front door to catch the tech (it had been less than a minute since he left) but he had just driven off.  I called the number that he had called me from just an hour before, but he didn't pick up.  I tried restarting a few more times before calling Dell support.  The rep had me try a few things (insert Resource CD, run diagnostics, enter BIOS) but nothing worked because the machine kept turning itself off (it sounded like some kind of electrical short, actually).  They wanted to send another replacement part, but opted to just replace the whole machine after speaking with a supervisor.  I should be receiving it within a week and hopefully everything will be okay. My only concern is that I have a few sensitive files that I won't be able to back up.  Nothing incriminating, inappropriate, or embarrassing, but I had a few documents saved that I hope won't fall into the wrong hands.

    I have to agree with you that Dell has been great at answering my questions quickly and effectively and walking me through the steps to get this issue fixed.  I've had only one other Dell product and for more than 5 years I've had no major issues.  I'm glad that they are standing by their products.

  • has anyone tried upgrading to windows 7 yet?  I upgraded to windows 7 RC2 and the Dell Touch Zone didn't work properly.  Until Dell updates their software, I'll probably wait or I'll wait until MS release the Windows 7 Touch Pack.

  • stevekesler,


    Have you received your replacement system?  If so, how long was the wait?  I was informed on June 9th that I'd be receiving a replacement "within 7-10 days".  I've checked with Dell 4x in the last 2 weeks and had been told that I should expect it  within 10-15 days of processing.  I assumed that meant from the date that the support rep informed me of the replacement (June 9th).  Last night I chatted with a support rep who told me that it was still awaiting approval and that, once approved, I should get it within 7-10 days.  I understand that there is a protocol and procedures must be followed, but three weeks is a bit long to wait for a replacement and to be without a computer.  Had I known it would take this long, I would have claimed it was a defective system and simply returned it for a full refund.


    I just thought I'd ask how your replacement process was going and if you experienced any problems along the way.

  • auntmarching,

    I did receive the replacement system about 2 weeks ago, and all is well.  It was ordered on 6/4 and I recieved it on 6/12. 

    One thing I have noticed is the Samsung HD has a slight hum to it.  Both units had it, and it is only detectable when the room is silent.  I had traced it to the HD on the old unit, and the new one has the same hum.

    This is the first computer I have bought from Dell that did not have a mouse pad.  Did anyone else recieve a Dell mouse pad with their Studio One?


  • I have setup a dual boot with Windows 7 RC, it seems to run well, but I have only had it set up for a few days. 

    I have not tried any of the Dell apps, other than the app that ejects the BD Optical Drive.  I think it works but can't confirm at the moment.

    The Win 7 version I have has the Touch keyboard, but I'm not sure what the "Touch Pack" is.  I haven't played with it that much.


    Updated Aug-3-09:  The ODD Eject App is not working (for me) with Windows 7 RC (Build 7100).  You can eject the disk from windows explorer.

    The version I tried is: ODD Eject R208550

  • stevekesler,

    I'm glad your system was replaced so quickly and you didn't experience the runaround I've been given over the past 3 weeks.  I've just been informed that, contrary to prior statements made by Dell representative, my system has not been shipped and is still "in production".  The more I read about this system the less inclined I am to keep it.  Does anyone know the return policy on a system that has been exchanged?  Although I still have the original (pending a replacement from Dell) it stopped working within one week of ownership. I'm thinking of returning the exchanged system as well, not just because I am highly dissatisfied with the entire situation I've experienced in the last 3 weeks but also because I fear this product is just too new and sensitive for me.  Will the return policy allow me to return the exchanged system? If anyone can send me info or direct to a website that can answer this question, I'd appreciate it.  I really don't want to deal with Customer Service anymore at this point.  Thanks.

  • Hello all,

    I ordered my Tuscan Red Studio One 19 on 6/4 and received it on 6/17 so I've been using it for 2 weeks today!

    I've had no trouble with it at all and it arrived in good condition. I can also say I've been very happy with it beyond two very minor things and two things I'd wish for for the next model:

    • The bezel/surround around the touchpanel scratches easily. There's a fan inside that spins up/down slightly and repeatedly for a while after the unit is powered on or woken up - really only noticeable when the room is very quiet and goes away after the unit has been on for a while (maybe after 3 to 5 minutes it seems to stabilize)
    • I wish the screen were higher density, 1366x768 is okay but the next level up would have been nice for things like Visual Studio. Again though, the screen size is ample and its not the worst problem there could be. I suppose if the screen had been 1080P capable I might have spent the money upgrading to the blu-ray drive. No 1080P sort of detracts from that feature. The current resolution is also a problem because the buttons have all been set for extra large to make it easier to use with touch and this takes up valuable real estate at 1366x768.
    • I wish the graphics card had the option of dedicated memory though I have to admit that the 9400 seems to be pretty snappy. Maybe the Studio One.5 19 will be more "game" capable though.

    A couple of weird things I've noticed is that if you put a heat source, say your halogen desk lamp, within 9" of the front of the computer then the touch seems to malfunction. I just moved it away and the problem disappeared. The other is that if you have a cell phone, in my case a blackberry, anywhere near the mouse and the berry checks in with the network or you get an email/message/call then the whole system freaks out (all kinds of menu's pop up and down), so far this hasn't caused any serious damange and i've learned just to move the blackberry to the other side of my desk from the mouse. The blackberry is a very noisy device as far as interferece goes.

    On the really great side (which is BY FAR the majority of my experience so far):

    •  The internal speakers are nothing short of awesome and the really great bit is that it was built with the smarts to ask, when I attached my subwoofer only to the back audio port, if I wanted to use that port as a sub-only port or as THE sound system for the unit.
    • The touch feature works great! I'm glad to see someone asked about Windows 7 RC and to find out that the touch features don't work there yet. I'll stick with Vista for now though I'm running W7 on other machines and I very much prefer it. (DELL: If you need anyone to test the updated touch software, assuming you decide to release such software since W7 will have these features early next year, I'm sure you'd have some willing volunteers from this thread). All of my friends who have seen it want one. I know some people don't think touch will catch on but I disagree completely. It is so much more ergonomic and intuitive than using a mouse (though I've found that for some things you just need a mouse).
    • This is the fastest "home"/"personal" computer I've EVER used, and I've used a lot of supposedly fast computers. I've never had Outlook come up so fast in my life and in general the system is just very snappy.
    • The thing is just beautiful, a work of art and really the first "PC" I've seen that I could say that about. Until this model came along all the artful designs were from Apple and no one in the PC world seemed to be able to out do them.
    • The Cozi family organizer is a great feature, thanks to Dell for including it!
    • Thanks also to Dell for not including too much bloatware, in fact all the apps they did choose to include are pretty darned cool, but I would have appreciated it if I could have just selected no "Office" software instead of being required to get at least Microsoft Works, being required to take this meant I had to spend a few minutes uninstalling it (again, really no big deal).

    My config is:

    • Core 2 Quad Q8200
    • 4GB RAM
    • nVidia 9400 graphics card
    • 320GB HDisk
    • DVD Drive

    I absolutely love this system and my hat's off to Dell for designing such a cool looking, fast running, geeky joy of a machine! This is my first Dell and if they make more like the Studio One 19 it won't be my last.

  • stevekesler

    I have setup a dual boot with Windows 7 RC, it seems to run well, but I have only had it set up for a few days. 

    I have not tried any of the Dell apps, other than the app that ejects the BD Optical Drive.  I think it works but can't confirm at the moment.

    The Win 7 version I have has the Touch keyboard, but I'm not sure what the "Touch Pack" is.  I haven't played with it that much.


    Did you get the Dell Touch Zone to work? I was unable to.  Also, on a fresh install of Windows 7 RC2, 2 drivers were not installed correctly.  Any ideas?