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Foxconn LS-36 Manual

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Hello every one!

I am new here. I hope I will find answer to my problems. Looking for manual for Foxconn LS-36 motherboard ( Optiplex 270).  Problem with front panel connection . Another sites are heavy infested with viruses , no way to download . Maybe someone here point me to safe site , or have on hand that type manual .. please , please . Thank you.

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  • Dell uses Foxcon motherboards in many systems but all that I've seen are Dell custom OEM boards and not exactly like the "retail" Foxcon motheboards.  And, in many Dell's, the front panel connector to the motherboard is a custom Dell connector and is undocumented.

    HERE is the Dell manual list.  You didn't mention if you have, A GX270 or an SX270 so I can't link you to the specific manual and what is available for the motherboard.

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  • Merhaba benim iş yerinde 6 tane dell marka masa üstü bilgisayarım var ve bir tane server var benim bilgisayarlarımdan bir tanesinin anakartında sorun var modeli Foxconn LS-36 ve bilgisayarların garantisi bitmiş bu anakartı nerden bula bilirim dell servisinden bir fiyat önerisi ala bilirmiyim . ???


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