Please help...inspiron 530 stuck on dell screen,f2 setup and f12 boot menue, nothing works!!!


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Please help...inspiron 530 stuck on dell screen,f2 setup and f12 boot menue, nothing works!!!

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I just bought this 16 days ago, too late to return to best buy... past day or two seemed to lock went to turn on and thats where I'm at. The Dell start up screen, don't think I caught anything, I'm very serious with my daily updates and scans, just a low level tracking cookie a few times.Looks like I have to use disks that came with it that say already installed on your computer... 1st off I don't know which order to load them in. First dell I've ever had and don't know much about them, trying to stay calm here.Just beyond frustrated...didn't want to reinstall everything back to factory conditions but figured I would since I didn't have many programs or pics saved on it yet. Fiqured I wait till today when I had more time but now I cant do anything with it , the f2 or f12 button in top corner dont do anything, its froze right there....Can someone tell me what to do ??? Thanks ahead of time...Digger

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    Try downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, update it and do a quick scan. If it finds anything, then go to DELL Malware Removal Forum, read the top post by bugbatter and follow the instructions.


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    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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  • diggerdeyoung,

    So at this time you cannot  boot into normal or safemode is that correct?

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  • Digger,

    I have a similar post from a couple of hours ago (Inspiron 531). I hope this will help you as this helped me. Open a browser (2nd computer) go to "" no quotes. Read section titled.....POST troubleshooting steps. This will require opening the computer and working in it. If you are not comfortable doing this.... find a geek friend to run through these processes for you.

    This procedure may aid you in locating the problem. I now have my computer operating and I am backing up some critical folders.

    Dell support diagnosed that my Operating System was hosed! I was not convinced that diagnosis was not accurate.  I am glad I listened to my gut feeling.

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