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Dell Inspiron 518 for Windows XP SOLUTION!!!


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Dell Inspiron 518 for Windows XP SOLUTION!!!

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Hi, I just bought a Dell Inspiron 518 that came with Windows Vista 32bit. I am sure I am not the only one but I do not like Windows Vista. I still like Windows XP.

I was reading about this motherboard or chipset isn't compatible for Windows XP and it doesn't support it. DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

I just took my computer out of the box 2 hours ago and I have Windows XP Pro on it already and all the drivers are installed with no " ! " in my config manager.

How did I do it?

If you go to the drivers download page for the Dell Inspiron 518, you will see that the XP drivers are NOT THERE.

Simply go to the Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop and choose XP.

You can download the Realtek Ethernet Adapter, Video, Audio, Graphics and so on. They all worked for me. It's the solution to everyone's problems who cannot find the drivers for Windows XP for a Inspiron 518. Good Luck!

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