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Re-install bluetooth?


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Re-install bluetooth?

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After a motherboard replacement and reinstally of Vista (64), I am in the process of installing drivers and software.  I am having trouble getting the bluetooth "turned on" on the 19 in 1 card reader, however.  Before the Vista reinstall, I had a little bluetooth icon in the task bar where I could click on to connect to devices.  I installed the software for the card reader from the resource disk but I am missing the bluetooth icon.  Any advise on how to get it back?  Thanks.

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  • Hello bloe414,

    The MOBO contains the BIOS chip which includes your Service Tag number imbeded.  The Tech Support engineer that replaced your MOBO should have reset your Service Tag number to match your original, please check that has been done.


    Second, the BIOS controls which devices are Enabled/Disabled, such as your HD, eSata, and Media Card reader, even if you have downloaded the drivers.  Restart your system and enter F2 at the Dell BIOS screen BEFORE Windows loads, go over to devices and check to see if your card reader is enabled, if not enable it and SAVE, Y.


    If that does not help, reply and someone with more smarts than me may have another idea.



    Darrell WV

  • Thanks for the reply, Darrell

    I am not sure how to make sure the tech reset the service tag on the new MOBO.  I will assume he did.  As far as the BIOS goes, I can't find anything in there at all that gives mention to a card reader.  All I see are HD and CD drive options.  Integrated peripherals had no mention.


    EDIT:  Just to add....I was just installing my Logitech Setpoint software for my mouse when a "Blue-tooth Connection Assistant" window pops up.  There is a progress bar titled "enabling blue-tooth hub" at the bottom that is stuck at 26%.  I have to close the window or it just stays there.  My mouse seems to detect my blue-tooth receiver in some fashion.

  • ReHi Brett,

    Well, I have a XPS 730 H2C with 19-1 reader with BlueTooth and a XPS 630i with 19-1 reader without BlueTooth.  The directions in my 730 manual state in order to activate the MultiMedia you enter F2 to System Set up, which I have just done, I see my service tag number on the opening page right under Time/BIOS version/Service Tag/Express Tag etc.  The instructions are to go to Advanced and then into Integrated Peripherals. Select USB for FlexBay option and enable.  See if that option is available on your System Set Up.



  • Darrell,

    Unfortunately, with this 630i there is no mention of a FlexBay option in the Integrated Peripherals of the bios.  I did however notice that the new service tag is indeed different than my old.  The sticker on the back of the machine says one thing, bios says another.  Same with my express service code.  Different from what it was.  Is this a problem?

    Also since installing my mouse software, I have a "BT Mini-Receiver" listed in my device manager asking for drivers.  Windows also sees this upon booting up and also asks for drivers.  No mention in my manual how to re-enable blue-tooth either.

    Thanks, Brett

    EDIT:  Apparently the BT Mini-Receiver is just the dongle for my mouse LOL.  Not sure why that isn't installing but I will troubleshoot that separately.