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XPS 420 - Bluetooth

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I've had a search for this problem and found a few mentions but nothing I could find helped, so here it is...


My 19-in-1 card reader is working fine, but the bluetooth has completely stopped working.

I've uninstalled everything and disconnected it then reinstalled, again just the card reader works.


I found the file given here on the Dell site for my Service Tag and that seemed like I was getting somewhere. I started the install ok but then it said I needed to activate the Bluetooth with either Fn+F2 or the Radio on/off button... which I don't have either of(?!) as far as I can tell.


Anyone able to give any new ideas about this please?

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  • Chris-

    Please let me know what you find out, because as of last night, I too am having the exact same problem with my XPS 420. I have to manually resync the mouse and keyboard with every boot, and I'm not always successful. Also, if the system goes to sleep, the bluetooth doesn't reactivate when the pc does... I've downloaded and installed the latest flash updater for the unit, as well as downloaded and installed a file that reactivates the radio, all to no avail. I've had the system for only a month and all has worked fine until last night. No new hardware or software was introduced in the past couple of weeks. What and where is the file you referenced above?

    The bluetooth light remains on, and the card readers work- but the keyboard and mouse lose connectivity. And yes, batteries are all fresh as well. I noticed an article entitled "Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and/or Mouse Lose Connection with the Computer". Article ID: 328188 which lookd promising, but it mentioned clicking on the Dell wireless Utility icon in the system tray... I have no such icon.  I then tried doing the same procedure using the Bluetooth icon in control panel, but that program claims that my Bluetooth is not connected and when I try to manually readd the mouse and keyboard it says it's unable to locate Bluetooth devices.

    Its frustrating and dampening the user experience with this pc... I don't want to have to go back to my wired mouse and keyboard after having paid for the Bluetooth feature.  Is it known to be a buggy hardware interface in this model?

    Thanks in advance-

  • Chris-

    After further research, I was able to locate the driver for the 13/19-in-1 media card reader as you did and ran the install until I reached the same Fn+F2 message.  I double-clicked on the box and it disappeared. Then powered down and powered back on again. I then went into the menu, and fired up SetPoint- and Device Connection Status. Went through the wizard and reconnected the mouse and keyboard. I then went into the Bluetooth icon in Control Panel and finally, the keyboard and mouse showed up. They had previously not done so. I also now had my BLuetooth icon showing up back in my services tray.

    Hopefully you can have the same luck-


  • Hmm, gave that a try but double-clicking the box did nothing.

    What exactly is SetPoint? My problem has nothing to do with mouse/keyboard (I hate wireless) so I'm guessing something to do with that.

  • SetPoint is Logitech's mouse/keyboard software Wink

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