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Dimension 3000 pre-BIOS failure.


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Dimension 3000 pre-BIOS failure.

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After downloading Windows XP SP3 and updating to IE7, my computer re-booted and I got a Blue Screen msg that said there was a compatibality isue with an ACPI process and that Windows was terminating the session to protect my computer. It's suggested solution was to update my BIOS.


After rebooting my computer, the power comes on, my keyboard lights flash, the computer starts to boot but stops suddenly, even before the set-up option appears on the monitor. I appear to have power to the motherboard and the drives. The front green lights appear steady green, but all four of the diagnosis lights on the rear are off.


I suspect my BIOS has been corrupted but I can't flash the BIOS with a new one if I can't get the computer to at least boot up into DOS.


Any suggestions out there?

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  • Hello,

    Read through this page and report back what you find out. You can also try removing the motherboard battery once you unplug the system for 10Min and then replace it. That will reset the BIOS settings if the BIOS has not completely failed. I doubt very much that in your case the BIOS has been affected by the SP3 update.

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  • Thanks Darrell for the quick reply. I did try your suggestion re: removing the battery for at least 10 minutes and then restarting but that didn't work. I also had tried the diagnostic procedures before as well.


    Green power lights, lights on the hard drive and motherboard

    All 4 diagnostic lights are off (blank)

    no beep codes.


    The computer starts briefly, but no signal to the monitor, and stops before loading the BIOS (that is, no setup options appear)

    The computer was working perfectly before the blue screen.

  • Probably way too late to help original post, but had the same prob (Dim 3000 pre-BIOS failure/no indicator lights, fans running fine, balck screen).  Swapped out the PSU and solved the prob.  Makes sense because without a 'power good' signal, can't get to BIOS start-up.  Bonne chance.

  • You can't boot to DOS?