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T5400 processor upgrade?


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T5400 processor upgrade?

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Is it possible to purchase a T5400 with a single processor and then later add an additional processor to the system?

Generally speaking, what would be involved in adding this second processor?

Any help is appreciated.

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  • Yes it is. Second processor can be bought from Dell later or from other retailer. Xeon processors these days tend not to get cheaper over time and will probably cost the same in a years time as now if this is a consideration. Processor kit needs to come with correct heatsink. Installation can be a bit fiddly, you need to follow instructions carefully if you have not done this before.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    "you need to follow instructions carefully"... where might I find such instructions?

  • There should be instructions in the package, if new, wherever you get it from. This was the case with the second processor I got for my T7400 from Dell. Failing that a good hardware tech book (A+ or similar) or look online. It's straightforward but you need to seat the processor correctly.

  • I've been attempting to find the part numbers for the additional parts to add the second processor. I already have the processor but no heatsink or fan. Using chat with Dell has been useless. Does anyone have the information for adding an additonal pocessor to a T5400?