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Any way to disable to blinking power button when sleeping? (XPS 420)


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Any way to disable to blinking power button when sleeping? (XPS 420)

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I just received my XPS 420 from Dell and so far it is terrific.

One small issue that I've run across is that when it goes to sleep, the power button blinks. This is rather annoying for a machine running your TV since it means you have a distracting light blinking for hours while the TV isn't in use. In a 2nd-bedroom it would easily keep someone awake.

Is there anyway of disabling this? The XPS so far is much better than the HP Pavilion which it replaced, but the HP didn't blink when it was asleep.

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  • As far as i know, no. The blue light is supposed to blink, to let you know that it is in sleep mode.


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  • I would like to know if there is too.

    Just hooked my XPS 420 up to the TV and its great except when its in sleep mode, the blue power button flashing away all the time.

  • Hibernation will not have a blinking light if that will work with your tv hookup. Change it Power Settings, Change Advanced Settings. Hibernation completely turns off the computer, but remembers the settings. The other option is to change the Off button to Shutdown instead of Sleep, which is the default.

  • Folks,

    Thanks for the quick replies.

    RobinBredin. I realize that it is supposed to blink, but IMO this is a horrible choice by Dell. My HP Pavilion merely turns orange. A blinking light only means I can't fall asleep on the couch and guests see blinking throughout coffee.

    Mary G. I tried changing the power button to Shutdown, but it still blinks when sleeping. I don't actually want to turn it off. I'll look at hibernate, but presumably that will mean that you can't turn the machine back on via the remote? I'll try and see.

    I was hoping for a hidden control panel or bios setting. I'm now considering shiny black sticker. I still can't believe how silly this is - the shiny black face, LCD on the top, CD trays, and front ports all scream to put this machine on display, yet a five cent blinking button makes you want to hide it away in a cabinet. Ugg!

    Thanks away,