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PCI Express Backwards compatibility?


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PCI Express Backwards compatibility?

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Long story short, can I use a PCI Express x1 card in an express X16 slot?

I've got a PCI express x1 card (the type with the very short connector), and a spare PCI x16 lots (the type with the very long connector). Is the PCI-E X16 slot backwards compatible with PCI-E X1 cards? And if so can I just slot the card in as normal, or is there something else that I need to do beforehand?

Yeah, I know that it's kinda a waste, but what can you do?

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  • Hauppauge TV cards are, as for graphics cards, no. However, what you can do is to get an PCIe x16 graphics card and CrossFire them. I could be wrong, but i have never heard of an PCIe x1 going into an PCIe x16 for an graphics card.


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  • A quick Google confirms you can use a PCI-E x1 card in a PCI-E x16 slot.

    And it doesn't require an adapter of any sort, because PCI-E is PCI-E is PCI-E Big Smile Wink


    (You can apparently even use an older PCI card in a PCI-E slot Surprise Cool)

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  • Yeah it always struck me as weird that on some of the XPS systems they stick the TV card in the X16 slot even when there is a X1 slot free. Why is this? I thought that the TV cards were X1 cards.

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