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XPS 410 power supply upgrade


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XPS 410 power supply upgrade

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Can anyone tell me of a way to upgrade my power supply to a 550 or 600. I read on here that 375 is enough and other techs are telling me its not. The video card I want to run requires a 450W power supply. Any help appreciated. Thank You

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  • balkor


    XPS410/9200 systems do not use a Dell proprietary power supply, you can use most standard ATX power supplies with either, a 24-pin or 20+4-pin, main motherboard power connector.

    Because the XPS410/9200 have an open back panel, a power supply with or without the on/off switch can be used.

    Note: You need a power supply, with six SATA power connectors.


    The details for replacing the power supply are here,


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>




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  • How can I tell the number of SATA power connectors? Some power supply descriptions mention the number of SATA connectors, but a lot of them don't.




  • unkfrank

    How can I tell the number of SATA power connectors? Some power supply descriptions mention the number of SATA connectors, but a lot of them don't.




    If the connectors are not listed by the vendor, then go to the manufacturer's website for the information.   Idea



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  • Did you ever get around to upgrading your power supply?  If yes, which one did you use and how is it working in your XPS 410?

  • I'm looking to upgrade my psu as well.  I've recently installed a Radeon HD4870 (1GB) and I'm a little concerned about possible stability issues this might cause.  Would someone mind recommending a high performance replacement, preferrably one that's relatively quiet? 

  • For anyone wanting to run any of the newer PSU's in a XPS 410 here is how I did it.


    Connect the 24 pin cable as normal, and use the LP4 to P4 adapter to connect to your 4 pin on the board. It's only an extra 5 volts on the 4 pin but since it's an older motherboard this is required. Also this PSU did not fit in the slot at first and looked liked it wasn't going to at all, but if you work with it enough it'll fit into place. There's a small gap below the unit now, maybe less than an inch tall which isn't a big deal as no air is being *** in through this part of the box.



    In the PC now is an ATI HD 5770 and Corsair TX 850w which perform like a champ. All my games are ran at max settings at 1920x1080 without any FPS loss and the boot time was cut in half. The 375w that Dell put in here must of really been cheap.

  • Jman01,


    Thanks for the info.  I have a couple of questions for you:


    1)  I'm a bit of a noob, so I'm wondering what the LP4 to P4 adapter is for


    2) How easy was it to remove the old power supply?  I noticed that the power cable running to the hard drives goes behind quite a bit of stuff in the case


    3)  Would you mind posting a picture of how your power supply fits in your case?


    Thanks again for your informative post!  My pc is starting to do some funny things and I think it might be power supply related.

  • There's 4 pin connection along with a 24 pin connection on the board that must be used in order for a power supply to work your XPS 410. Most new PSUs don't come with this extra 4 pin because it's dated, so hook this adapter up to an unused connection on your PSU, then connect it to the board. Removing the old PSU was easy, but putting in the new one was difficult at first. The unit didn't want to fit in the first place to begin with, but after enough playing around it went into place.


    This video should show you how it looks.


  • Thanks for the reply.   I'll give it a try.  Unfortunately, the video you sent a link for was pulled from YouTube.

  • No problem. The link is working fine for me, maybe try it again.

  • Thanks.  I re-checked the link and it's working now.Smile


    So, did you have to remove the processor and heatsink to connect power cables to the new PSU?

  • Hi I'm also a 410 owner,

     Yes you will have to disconnect the Heatsink and fan shroud to remove the old power cables from the case as they are very tucked away on the back of the case right next to the edge of the mother board and there are little wire looms to hold it in place that are not visible till you remove the heatsink and fan shroud. So you will have to purchase some thermal grease/Paste along with your new PSU. Don't skimp either, get the good stuff. Dells are real picky about heat.

    If you are not fimilar with the procedure of heatsink removal it is quite simple.

    There are two phllips head screws on the left side of the plastic shroud covering the heatsink connecting it to the board, one at the top left and one at the bottom left. Unscrew those (they wont fall out after unscrewing cause they are seated in the shroud) and you might have to give a little wiggle to unstick the thermal paste from the processor. ( BE GENTLE) Now clean the old thermal past off of the heatsink and processor using a soft cloth or papper towel . You might have to unseat the processor to get it clean. Just look for the little metal latch on side of the processor socket and lift it and the socket will release and you can pull it out. ( BEEEE GENTLE)  DO NOT TOUCH THE BOTTOM PINS ON THE PROCESSOR AT ALL!! Make sure its nice and clean. Now on the bottom side of the processor there will be a corner that is missing a pin or two to create a notch. That must match up with the notch on the socket. The best way to reseat a processor is to kind of let it hover over the socket with your fingers until you get it just right and let it fall into place. NEVER PUSH OR TWIST. if its right it will slip right in, if not, try again. NEVER PUSH OR TWIST.

    Take all your power cables out and replace your PSU and run all your new cables in the same rought. I know they are hard to get to but dell did that so they are nice and neat and out of the way.

    Now put some thermal past on the tip of your finger put a nIce even coat on the processor making sure the entire surface is covered. I like to put a little on the heatsink too just for good measure and replace the heatsink and screws.

    Good Luck with your new PSU  

    Dell XPS 410

    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Processor: Q7600 Core 2 Quad

    Memory: 4 GBs 800Mhz PC2-6400

    Hard Drive: 1 Western Digital Caviar Black 1-TB running as SATA II in RAID to enable the AHCI controller

    Video / Display: 1 XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770 XXX 1 GB DDR5 with display port, HDMI, and Dual DVI ports. PCI-                           E  X16  2.0 Card

                              1 Hauppauge HD hybrid dual TV Tuner MPEG encoder with FM, Clear QAM, Analog, and Digital reciver  PCI-E  X4 Card

    Intergrated intel10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller

    intergrated Realtek 7.1 Audio Controler