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Motherboad manual for Dell Inspiron 530 Q6600


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Motherboad manual for Dell Inspiron 530 Q6600

  • Bought a new Dell from Tesco 



    Where can I get a motherboard manual?


    Using my service tag on the Dell site only shows simple user manuals.


    It's a

    Dell Inspiron 530 Q6600 2GB PC Base Unit


    The mother board is marked with "c RU us" with the big R reversed.

    And also marked ... 

    Rev A00

    I found a foxconn one using DG33M03 but it only has an "easy guide" and doesn't look the same.

    It has a serial and parallel port on the back which mine doesn't have. 


    Any ideas on

    1) What manufacturer it is.

    2) Where I can get a motherboard manual. 


     Thanks Jim


  • Dell boards are proprietary OEM boards, many are made by Foxcon but not equivalent to any retail Foxcon board.  The only documentation is what is in the users manual.  The front panel power switch connection is proprietary and undocumented.

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  • Thanks

    So assuming I can ever contact Dell support am I ever likely to get a manual ?


  • Thanks

    I also managed to get a chat connection with Dell.

    This is all they have.

    It does show the major Mobo bits.

    But it's not really a comprehensive motherboard manual.

    But it seems thats all there is.


    Thanks for the info



  • I bought mine from Tesco too, I thought it was great value.

     I know what you mean about the manual.

    It can be a bit confusing as Tesco still have some 530s with just a CoreDuo but with a FlexDrive and Firewire for the same price.


    Where you looking for anything in particular about it ?


    So far I've added another 2gb of memory to mine.


  • Nothing specific at the moment

    I was a bit surprised to find no COM ports, I was hoping there might be one on the Motherboard. Strangly there does seem to be a floppy port !

    I can buy a PCI card for about a fiver so no problems.

    Perhaps you should start a tesco/dell thread ?

     By the way, where did you get your memory, part number prices please.  I need 2G as well.

    Thanks Jim


  • I got it from Crucial, costing me about £27 with free delivery


    1 CT2KIT12864AA667.000

    2 x 1GB 240-PIN DIMM 128Mx64 DDR2 1 21.99 21.99 PC2-5300 UNBUFFERED


    CT700765 Upgrade for a Dell Inspiron 530.