Xcelerator Installation Question


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Xcelerator Installation Question

  • I just purchased the Xcelerator card addon for my XPS 420.  What kind of connection internally is needed?  I've read that a tv card is required.  Is there a cable that runs from the card to the tuner?  I've also read that the Xcelerator is a usb 2.0 connection to the motherboard.  So which is it?


    I have an ATI HD 2400 vid card and a Pinnacle PCTV HD 800i pci tv tuner card.  The tv tuner card doesn't have any connectors on it so I'm wondering how this Xcelerator is supposed to be setup.




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  • I saw that doc before I posted but it didn't give any details as to what ports to connect to on the motherboard.  I guess the cables will fit one way to the motherboard?
  • Not sure if you've sorted this issue by now.

    I have the same question. Bought an Xcelerator off ebay without cables, and want to know how it connects internally. I don't have a TV tuner card yet. I know the Xcelerator front connectors pass through to it, so does the TV tuner card have to have a USB connector, which goes to the Xcelerator (as the link posted by Chris M above says it's a USB 2 device) ? I was thinking of a Hauppage HVR 1200 or 1250.

    Is this the only cable ?

    Does anyone have cable part numbers ?

    What's the general factory Dell setup ?


    Many thanks



  • Just for completeness or anyone doing a serarch, and for any Dell support staff reading, the cables that are needed to connect the XN264 Xcellerator unit internally are YT545 that goes to the flexbay usb connector on the motherboard, and GX685 which goes to the AV header on the TV tuner card. Without this, the front AV sockets aren't connected to anything.

    It took a friendly seller on an internet auction site to answer this question for me.

    Hope this helps someone else.