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Loud fan every 10/15 seconds?


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Loud fan every 10/15 seconds?

  • Hi,


    I have just got my XPS 630 today, and love it, apart from one thing.

    It has been on for around 2 hours, and every 15-20 seconds, the fan goes really really loud, for about 5 seconds, and then goes back to normal, (i.e, pretty silent).


    I'm not running any heavy applications on it at the moment...only IE.


    My previous PC's never did this...is this normal, as i guess after a while, it will become really annoying.



  • What video card do you have?  I have a 9800GX2 that used to do that when the nvidia software was acting kind of wonky and causing the fan to be at zero.  Make sure you have the latest firmware and bios installed, drivers, etc.  You can go into the nvidia control panel and make a profile, I'd set your fans to something reasonable, don't trust the whole auto-temp thing.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.


    Yes i do have that same graphics card.

    Can you just tell me the settings you have in your machine for the nvidia control panel, so i can match it to yours, and hopefully get this thing to stop!



  • I don't have a XPS 630, i have a XPS 720, but i'm pretty sure it's not normal. The fans of my computer go loud for a few seconds during the boot process, and after i don't hear them anymore.
  • Hi,


    Yes, that is the same with mine. At boot up, its really loud, and then calms down to being quiet.

    And then after a couple of hours or so, the fan came on in short bursts after every 15 seconds or so, for about 4/5 seconds.  Its really driving me mad!


    I dont know if this is a problem, or this is normal..hence why i will try changing some settings first from the previous reply.  If this still does not work, or people on here say that this is not normal, i;ll contact the Dell Helpdesk number.



  • First, get a program called GPU-Z.  You can use it to monitor your temps and fan speeds, works pretty good.  Just choose the second GPU in the drop down box.


    I actually have my GPU fan speed set to 90% and CPU to 60%  Cage and HDD fans to auto.  I saved them to a profile and load it at startup manually, some reason the auto load thing isn't working for me.  Also make sure you have the latest firmware installed for your MIO board. 

  • It's not normal.  The card only does that when it is hot.  IE..the fans are probabely not working with the current software setup, like mine was.  You also might want to unplug the power to the pc to reset the MIO board.
  • Hi,


    OK, i have downloaded the GPU-Z, and its definetly the fan speed, (of the 2nd one in the selection) going to 100% when the fan comes on.


    The 2 GPU temps read 109.0C and the temp underneath reads 104.8C...does that sound normal.  Seems quite hot considering i havent done any gaming yet, and only had it for about 3/4 hours!


    Also, the PCB temp reads 95.3C.


    Should i still go into the settings and change the fans to the same as yours?  (I'm guessing this is the same part as where you change the LED lights for the case)?


    Also, what is MIO board?  Sorry, not a very good IT person!



    If this does sound like a fault, please say and i will give them a call!



  • When your fan speed cycles down, does it go to zero?  That's why the fan's are bursting, the temps are hot, mine was the same way.  The MIO board is the interface board that controls the lights and fans.  YES, turn your fans up, they are not that noisy, at least to me they aren't.  You can also follow these instructions,




    But you need to get the fans going.

  • You might also want to look through all of these.



  • That's great...i changed the GPU fan to 50%, restarted PC, and at first, it seemed really loud.  Then it just slowly went quieter.


    I then checked GPU-Z and could see the fan still spinning, and the graphics card at around 60C.


    So hopefully that has now fixed it!  Will know for definate tomorrow when its my first full day of using it.


    Thanks again

  • Good.  Hopes everything works out for you.  Keep an eye on them for awhile and make sure it's working right.  Especially when you first turn on the pc, check your speeds then.  If they're not where you want them, load your profile.
  • I found that using the Nvidia control panel on my new XPS 730 to change the LED colours this caused the fans to mess around. I had the same erratic fan issue with the GFX cards but also the PCI slot fan (biggest fan at the front of the system)


    I removed the nvidia software to fix this... still running without and system seems OK. Will reinstall if I see any overheating issues and will keep you posted on the outcome.