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Putting the spacebar back on the keyboard correctly


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Putting the spacebar back on the keyboard correctly

  • I cleaned my keyboard today, and my spacebar doesn't feel right since I replaced it. The spacebar only has one moveable part, a thin plastic bar on the underside, so I'm guessing I am not positioning that correctly. Can somebody, PLEASE, help me. Having to bear down harder than usual (and listening to the sound it makes when I do so) is driving me the wall! Thanks!
  • How can anyone help you when we don't know what model keyboard you have.  There can be different designs on different models. 


    But, in general use a little logic and look at the underside of the space bar and look at where/how it mounts.  Usually it will only go on one way, correctly.  (It should not have been disassembled for cleaning).

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  • It's fixed!  All I had to do was remove the skinny plastic bar from the back of the spacebar, insert that little part into the keyboard first, and then snap the spacebar on top of it.


    Incidentally, the keyboard is a Dell RT7D50 made in China.

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  • Just buy a new keyboard, there are a lot of cheap keyboard out there
  • Techsupport, what is the point of saying buy a new keyboard (a day later) when the OP has already stated the keyboard is fixed?


    Oh goodie, another one



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  • he must own stock in a company that sells keyboards.