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Incompatible Processor Detected - XPS 600

  • Hi


    I have a Dell XPS 600 with a Pentium D 830/925/930 processor (can't tell which right now but I know it's a Pentium D and it's 3.0GHz)   and a XH241 motherboard. This motherboard failed and I ordered and purchased a new replacement model no. GC375 which, I was informed, was compatible. However, on booting up with the new mobo installed I receive the following:


    Phoenix ROM Bios Plus version 1.10 A02


    Dell System Dell DXG051


    Bios Version A02


    Alert! Incompatible Processor Detected.



    I am unable to proceed any further and F1 does not work.


    My suspicion is that the new mobo has a bios version which doesn't support the processor but I cannot flash the bios as i cannot boot,  so I need to find out the following:


    1) Which processors does the GC375 support? Where can I find out this information?

    2) Which processors does the XH241 support? Where can I find out this information?

    3) Is this a bios issue or are the mobo and cpu permanently incompatible?

    4) Is there any way to upgrade the bios of the GC375 to allow this processor to be used? I cannot boot so I cannot flash at the moment.

    5)  If I need to get a compatible processor to allow me to upgrade the bios which model should I get?


     If anyone knows the relationship between these two mobos I would love to know i.e. Which one is newer, why there are two models, difference between them  etc.



    Any help is gratefully received.







  • The latest BIOS available is A11. I would get them to replace the part with another one that has an updated BIOS to support your processor.
  • Where did you get the motherboard? I thought the Dell motherboards were propriotary, so you would have had to get it from Dell (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). And in the future you can install this program, which will tell you what model your processor is along with everthing else in your PC. Good Luck to you!
  • I had a lot of problems sourcing a motherboard for this computer from the UK. Dell wanted an astronomical amount for a replacement and all major suppliers were asking around £ 180 - £250. I had two unsuccessful pulls from a used spare parts supplier before I found this new board on Ebay in the USA. This is a Dell proprietary board and is a valid replacement for my original but returning it to the USA just to have the bios upgraded seems an expensive and time-consuming solution.


    I still think my best bet is to source a compatible processor and upgrade the bios myself - Provided that the bios version IS the problem!  I would still love to find a list of compatible processors for each board from somewhere. 

  • I'd agree that your best bet is to try a different processor (see if maybe you can 'borrow' one from a friend of so). I'd suggest any single core Pentium 4 and see if it'll post and allow booting so you can flash the bios and then put in your original processor again.

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