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Cant do fresh install of Windows XP on GX280


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Cant do fresh install of Windows XP on GX280

  •  I recently aquired a GX280 with no HD. This is the Small Desktop Computer model. I installed one of my spare SATA drives that already had Windows XP on it and it booted and ran fine. It was powered on long enough that it tried to log into the Windows site and update itself upon which it gave me an warning message that my version of Windows might not be genuine. I did not really care since I was going to put in the restore CD and use the Windows XP Pro COA that was on the machine.


     Upon startup I got the Press any key to boot from CD,,,, and after obeying I get the Setup is now going to examine your system,,, and that is where it goes blank. I have left the machine on for over an hour to make sure it was stuck.


     So here is what I have tried:


    1. Grabbed another (retail) Windows XP Pro install CD and got the same result as the Dell Restore CD. 

    2. Took out the Radeon X300 and tried using the onboard video. Same

    3. Pulled the jumper of the WD SATA so it was in SATA 3.0 instead of the 3.0 factory default. Same

    4. Cursed profusely. Same

    5. Whipped out my PcLinuxOS 2008 Lice cd. Booted up fine and installed fine.

    6. Clicked heels together 3 times and uttered, "Dude, you got a Dell". Same

    7. Cursed some more. Same.


     So now I am at the end of my rope. I have considered taking one of my IDE drives and slaving it to the DVD drive. Or make the DVD drive a slave and the HD the master. If that installs I suppose I could use Acronis True Image to back up and move the install to the SATA drive since Windows runs fine on previously installed drives.


     My apologies if this has been covered already. I tried doing a search without finding a problem like mine. 

  •  Just a quick update. I grabbed an IDE drive I had laying around and set it as master and changed the DVD drive to slave. I (obviously) had to replace the Dell IDE cable and grab a molex splitter to hook it up.


     The install is now preceding on that drive in the sense that after the "Scanning your hardware" message was done I went right to the install screen instead of starting at a blank screen.


     So now I am scratching my head as to why I can't do this with my SATA hard drive. Are there some that are just not compatible with the GX280? 

  • Does your media have the appropriate SATA drivers integrated? If not, Google for nlite and use that to make a new XP install CD that does include the appropriate drivers.

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  •  Thank you for the tip. I went to the site and it looks like a very useful utility. I will give it a go and get back this forum.


     The only thing is the computer never even gets to the point (opening blue screen) of asking for any additional drivers.


     But I will look into this.