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Alert System battery voltage is low


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Alert System battery voltage is low

  • My computer saved my BIOS settings except for the date and time.  I wrote down all the BIOS settings before I changed the battery just in case.  It is very simple to do.  I think you should go ahead and change your battery and keep your pc in the surge proctor as an experiment.

    Let me know how it goes!


  • Happy New Year Linda,

    I am going to try to put the new battery in tomorrow. I have already copied the Bios settings awhile ago. So I have them ready. Now that I know I'll only have to reset the date and time I hope, I feel better. Not knowing what could happen has been holding me back from doing it. I installed some new memory last week and as I am not all that familiar with the inside  of my computer, it took me a year to build up my nerve to install this memory. Fortunatelly the memory is working great, so I have a bit more confidence now..  Lee   PS. i will let you know how it goes..

  • Yes please let me know how everything goes and thanks for keeping me updated!

    Happy New Year to you as well.  I hope that you have a good New Years Day!!!



  • I'm getting the message less than 2 months after buying a Dimension 8300.  I'm in the UK, and didn't get a surge protector so that rules that one out in my case. I'll try all the other suggestions and see what happens. Strange there is nothing on Dell's own Knowledge Base or TOP 10 FAQ's.
  • Hello Derkajack,

    I guess in some cases it could be just a bad battery that needs to be changed. I know in my case and in some others it was the surge protector causing the low battery warning for some reason and I've not found out why and yes, Dell doesn't seem to have anything in their knowledge base about it. Try doing as Linda said above and change your battery, all I had to do was reset my time and clock. The reset of the settings were all came back OK but to be on the safe side, write down all your bios settings just in case there are any problems..   Lee

  • just another datapoint on this, I've had my 8300 with XP-MCE for a couple months and this problem just popped up this evening.  I'm plugged directly into the wall, no surge protector, so that's not the issue for me either (although I've been meaning to pick up an UPS).  will try replacing the battery but I'm pretty annoyed about this whole issue, how common it appears to be and how little Dell is doing to help...


  • I have had this problem


    it started a couple months ago


    I contacted dell, and they said to update the bios

    I never did because the problem stopped

    and now it has started again




    I wonder what the actual fix is on this

  • well, after a year, I too now have the same problem, at least on my last boot! 

    I find it VERY HARD to believe that it is the surge protector.  I have used 2 different ones from APC, and never had this problem.  It doesn't just SHOW UP, does it.

    seems to me like a BIOS programming error.

    Maybe Dell tech should read these posts!



  • Please change your battery and let us know if the problem still persists.




    Dell 8300, Pentium 4 2.6GHz

    521MB DDR at 400MHz


    Windows XP Home


  • Well after my post a couple of months ago everything was fine for a short time. Now, just a week ago, the alert message started showing up again. I don't know what to do since I have done everything that the tech asked me to do short of replacing the battery. The only problem is that the error is so intermittent on my computer and many others that it does not seem like that is the real fix.

    I think that the Dell techs need to take a serious look at this issue.  We have all paid decent amounts of money for our 8300s and, we expect them to operate without any problems.

  • I'm having the same problem with my Dimension XPS. 
  • I had this problem yesterday on an 8300 purchased in November. After reading this thread I called Dell support and was surprised to find that they did find a resolution quickly. I'm not sure if this will be a permanent fix because I didn't understand the explanation which was that the system event log fills up the memory in the battery (I think she meant the memory that the battery supports) and it is necessary to clear the event log when that happens.  Here is what I was asked to do:

    Restart , go to system setup

    Activate Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock


    Go to System Event Log option , Enter

    Choose clear System Event Log , Esc



    Save Changes and Exit

    That seemed to correct the problem after I did a restart.


  • I do hope that works for you.  Your solution only worked for me for a day and I ended up changing the battery.


    Good Luck,


  • ok... I have a Dell Dimension 8250.

    and I'm having the same annoying Alert System batter voltage warning. And reading everything on here, while holding for 40 minutes waiting for Dell customer service, makes me think I chose the wrong computer to purchase.

    I'm a beginner when it comes to computers... I'm a writer... so the idea of trying to replace a battery on the motherboard sounds cumbersome and complicated..... and I'm generally confused by that (since the computer is fairly new and that should be new, right?).

    So, are we talking DEFECTIVE here? And if so, do I need to let the guy who writes a technology column for our newspaper know? Or are we talking about a bug in the system that DELL is choosing to make our problem?

    I've also read the suggestions above and tried the well-documented "Restart , go to system setup.......... " solution and it didn't work. And I tried the surge protector.... it doesn't matter if I'm plugged into the wall socket or my surge protector, I get the same WARNING.

    Can anyone tell me how I can fix this annoying situation???



    Dear WriteJC,

    Please let your technology friend write a column in the newspaper, maybe that will get Dell's attention and we will find an answer to why so many people are having this error message. 

    Changing the battery is easy though.  Dell techs can walk you through it or comes to your house.


    Let us know how things go.  And by the way, which Newspaper?