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755 SFF Quad vs Dual Core Processor Choice.

  • Hi All,


    I was hoping that you could share your thoughts and experiences of the Optiplex 755 SFF unit with a quad core Q6600 processor, versus the dual core E8400 processor.


    The computers would need to be used for the next five years (hence thinking about the quad cores) for a variety of tasks, but generally office based and media jobs.


    My concern is that the Q6600 in the Small Form Factor will generate too much heat, causing the fans to rev up and be too loud in our quiet and serene offices. We currently have 3ghz P4 based GX280s that are exceptionally loud, so the fan volume is a significant issue for us.


    So, could anyone let me know if there is a heat/fan volume difference between the Q6600 and E8400s in the 755 SFF chassis?


    many thanks,



  • You migh You might want to invest in some cleaning equippment. My 3.0GHZ GX280s are not particulatlry noisy unless their fans get glogged with dust.
  • Thanks for the reply KnaufIT, however we will be replacing the machines no matter what - we just were trying to establish if the Q6600 processor would be too hot for the SFF machines.



  • For the tasks described ... quad core isn't necessary.
  • Thank you for your reply Hydralisk00222, however as I'm sure that you'll appreciate that is a subjective matter. The facts are that there is some valid discussion about the benefits of extra cores in applications such as Excel 2007, and even how Vista benefits from the different caching ability of the Q6600 over the standard dual-core range from Intel.


    All this is rather beside the point though, as I was curious about the thermal problems surrounding a 105 TDP processor (or 95 if Dell are using the new 0 stepping model) in a rather compact SFF chassis with dubious airflow design; not the actual processor choice per se.  


    Thank you again for your input though, it's good to see a forum where things don't get ignored :)




  • If you are worried about cooling then invest in the Q9xxx quad core processors. 45nm so they run cooler.


    My Dell Optiplex 755 desktop chassis ran Q6600 just fine with no loud fan sounds (the desktop isn't that much bigger to the SFF)