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Optiplex 745 BIOS upgrade, no floppy drive


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Optiplex 745 BIOS upgrade, no floppy drive

  • Hi,


    I have the above system with BIOS -2.2.0 (03/29/07)


    I would like to update the BIOS verison or flash the BIOS firmware to latest.


    I see that the site has a floppy version but my system does not have floppy so what could be the solution ?


    I wonder just like for servers , do we have a desktop updates DVD or CD which would have latest updates for Optiplex 745 ..




  • Is it really essential to update the BIOS? Does it fix a problem you're having? 


    I asked some of the gurus. You may need to boot the sytem from a DOS boot CD with, for example Win98 DOS and CD drive support. You'll also probably need to burn the "unpackaged" version of the BIOS flash on a second CD and swap it into the drive after you've  booted.


    If you leave the flash file on the hard drive, the DOS environment won't be able to access it in the NTFS file format on that drive.


    Hope this helps.



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  • I updated an earlier version of BIOS which had an .exe , one can run from windows OS itself :)