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OptiPlex 755 NIC Failure


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OptiPlex 755 NIC Failure

  • I have a problem with one of six brand new OptiPlex 755 Mini Tower, it start displaying NIC Failure, and then after it loads windows xp pro sp 2, start the wizard of installing a new device that windows has found, is the ethernet controller, and I tried to install it in many different ways but it doesn't work with the network that we have. I did a little search and found that it seems that the bios of the NIC is corrupted, and needs to be reprogramed or boot it if that's correct, i'm not sure , any help that I can get will be appreciated. Thanks
  • Interior Systems, Inc,

    Have you tried reflashing the bios?
  • nop, I haven't do anything. What's that reflashing bios?? How can I do it? thanks.
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  • Go here and read the "Download file to Desktop" and the "Run the BIOS update utility from Windows environment" instructions.
  • thanks Chris for all your help , I really apreciated, but since the computer boot up normaly excluding the message of NIC Failire, but I mean starts up windows, everything is working ok, and since it has warranty I already talked with one of the represent of dell chat support, by the way it easy and fast to use, the are going to send a tech to replace the mobo, so sorry , but thanks a lot for your help, take care
  • Interior Systems, please do keep us updated if the mobo replacement will work.  I'm leaning too towards the BIOS flash solution which would be quicker since I hear this issue has been rather common.

  • sure nugundam93, count with that, I will let you know what the tech that is going to install the mobo, says about it, an explanetion or whatever he says.
  • thanks!  and hope they get your issue resolved soon.  :)
  • Reporting the issue of the NIC Failure, the mobo was replace by one of Dell's technician, by now the computer is working fine, no error at boot , and  the on board NIC working fine, I guess that the problem was the NIC, I hear something that some one say about reflashing. Sorry for the delay. take care all you, and thanks for the help.
  • thanks! glad to hear that your system is back up.  :)
  • This will still most likely not work for you.


    Here's why:


    The issue with NICS's on the 755 is almost always resolved with the most recent BIOS flash, which was created *TO ADDRESS THE NIC ISSUES*. Your new board will most likely be the older BIOS as it has been on a shelf for a while. Yes, techs flash the svctag to the BIOS and will usually flash the BIOS if they have a more current version in the board kit; do not bet on it. Just run the BIOS update. It's dirt simple: Go to http://support.dell.com, select drivers, select Opti 755 as your model, go under BIOS, download the utility, run it, reboot. There you go.

  • Thanks xandraius, I will take it as an advise, I won't like seeing that message on my monitor againg lol. take care.


    xandros is a good one too. 

  • I am having the same problem with about 20 755s that I got from a company I recycle for. 

    I have disabled the MEBx and flashed the bios with the most recent BIOS update and still nothing.  The NIC will not work in linux either.

    I have tried everything I know and nothing has worked.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.