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  • I have been searching around the forums for a while now, and was still wondering something. What is the best processor I can get for my GX260? I have an Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz right now. Would it be worth upgrading the CPU, or just getting a new computer?

    Thank you in advance, and I'm sorry if this is repetitive!
  • You may have the best processor already, it is in there and basically free. What are the rest of the specs for your machine and what do you do with it? Are you finding the cpu running at a high percentage a lot?

    Usually memory is the first thing to add to increase performance. Cleaning out junk and defragmenting the hard drive goes a long way. Also not having a bunch of programs you don't use regularly running on the taskbar. A decent video cardmight be a worthwhile investment


  • The GX 260 supports the following processors -


    Intel Celeron Processors

    1.7 GHz Internal - 400 Mhz FSB


    Intel Willamette Processors

    1.7 GHz Internal - 400 Mhz FSB

    1.8 GHz Internal - 400 Mhz FSB

    1.9 GHz Internal - 400 Mhz FSB

    2.0 GHz Internal - 400 Mhz FSB


    Intel Northwood Processors

    2.0 GHz Internal - 400 MHz FSB

    2.26 GHz Internal - 400 MHz FSB

    2.4 GHz Internal - 400 MHz FSB

    2.26 GHz Internal - 533 MHz FSB

    2.4 GHz Internal - 533 MHz FSB

    2.53 GHz Internal - 533 MHz FSB

  • Well, my computer has been able to handle anything I've needed it to up until now. I use it for gaming mostly, and I recently got a new game (Age of Conan) and my computer is having problems running it. The only problem I could find was my CPU being too slow. I have 2 gigs of memory, which I am told is the most I can have in my computer, and a nvidia GeForce 6800 GS/XT. I tried defraging just the other day, and it helped, but not enough. I almost have no programs on the taskbar unless I am using them. So, should I just invest in getting a new computer?


    How do I check the percentage of the CPU?

  • Did you test your system at one of those can i run this sites? That would tell you where you are lacking. With a graphics card and 2 gig, your only upgrade might be the cpu, a 533mhz bus would be best. I think the 2.4/533 would be best bang for the buck if cpu is your problem. What about your hard drive? Does it have a good buffer? 7200rpm?
  • Yes, i tested it on one of those sites. And the only problem was the speed of my processor. The min. requirements for the game is a Pentium 4 3 GHz, and mine is 2 GHz. I wasn't the orginal owner of the computer, and I'm not sure how to find out what the buffer of my hard drive is. I will let you know if you could tell me how.
  • To get disk specs, look up the model number on the mfg site.  I did a test myself with a 2.6 HT and it met the requirements. Though the game want core 2 duo.  If you are serious about the game, a new machine might be required. If it wasn't for the game, you have a good machine.
  • Ok, the game is playable on my computer, it just runs very slow and choppy. Thank you for your help. I guess I will start saving to get a new computer. Thank you again!