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XPS 420_ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

  • Just received my new XPS 420 with the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner.

    Problem is,,,  The Dell phone salesperson had verified to me I had ordered and would receive the 'Internal' AT TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner,,,however,,, I just unpacked it to find the 'External' ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. 

    Just called Dell Sales (several times) no salesperson could provide the P/N for an 'Internal' ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner "board" (in fact they couldn't find a part number even the 'External' unit).

    Appreciate a P/N for the Internal that can be verified through the Dell website.

    After spending in excess of $2K for this machine, I'm beginning to think this may have been a big mistake.

    Also, my invoice shows this unit at $180, whereas the website listed it for $180. No one on the phone at Dell would address this issue and would only advise I return the unit.

    Salesperson's phone extension was disconnected when I called (less than one week after having placed the order).   All calls were put on hold for long delays with an occassional shout by a passerby into the Dell persons phone. Gee, is this the new "Dell Experience" one can expect when buying a premium model from Dell?


  • To help you on this issue you need to call the Dell XPS support number.  Everytime I called I had someone on the line in minutes.  I know your having issues with your Tuner being wrong but this is the best opt. to use.  Also here is the part # for the inter. ATI HDTV Tuner JT783.  Good luck.

    Dell XPS 730X H2C Stealth Blue Anodized

    Intel Core i7 965 @ 4.06GHz factory overclocked Batch 3841A711
    6 GB SuperTalent DDR3 1866MHz (3 DIMMs) (Dell MOBO 1600)
    EVGA GTX 295 CO-OP
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA II 3.0Gb/s HD 32MB 7.2K
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA II 3.0Gb/s HD 32MB 7.2K
    Hitachi 1 TB SATA II 3.0Gb/s HD 32MB 7.2K
    Seagate 1 TB SATA II 3.0Gb/s HD 32MB 7.2K
    Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-216D SATA
    Liteon PLDS BD-RE DH-4B1S SATA
    ATI 650PRO HDTV Tuner W/Media Remote
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
    Dell 19-1 MCR with Bluetooth
    Logitech MX5500 Blue Tooth Keyboard and Mouse
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
    Gateway FHD 24" HD 1080P 3ms UltraResponse
    Bose Companion 3

  • I had tried Customer Support but their recommended solution was for me to return the ATI Wonder 'external' unit. When I tried to Dell Technical support on this question, no one could provide a part number for the internal ATI Wonder Digital Tuner Board.

    I'm not inclined to return the external ATI unit until I know for sure Dell actually stocks & sells the equivalent 'internal' unit.

    I tried your part number on the Dell website but it doesn't come with any hits.

    Also, should'nt these tuner units come with a remote control?

  • I was a little surprised when I received my ATI Wonder Digital Cable Tuner with my XPS420 as well.

    Like you, I thought it was going to be internal until I realized that it has a slot for the Cable Card option.  If the unit were internal I can't image how it would be able to support a Cable Card.  Dunno.  That is just what I am assuming.

    If you have no need for a Cable Card then if I were you I would return it and got a non-digital (analog) unit.


  • From what I understand, a digital tuner and a digital cable tuner aren't necessarily the same thing, with cable being the critical word. 


    A digital "cable" tuner has a cable card slot.  The cable card eliminates the need for a clunky IR blaster/cablebox near your pc.  Cable companies generally make it a hassle to get a cable card, since they'd rather charge you the higher monthly fee for a box versus a lower monthly fee for a small card.


    An over-the-air digital tuner will enable you to receive the free broadcast channels, but none of your cable channels. 


    I don't believe ATI even makes internal digital cable tuner cards any more.  They only make a USB connected external box for digital cable.  ATI still makes several over-the-air digital tuners.

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