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XPS 710 to 720

  • Hello World


    Right I have a XPS 710 H2C, and yes want to upgrade to 720.


    I have searched and searched and I have a few questions


    What is the difference if any between the ck520 and P611C  motherboards ?


    Do I need Front I/O panel - XU567 for a 710 to 720 upgrade ?


    I'm in the UK and other than Thifbay where else can I buy the parts ?





  • Ebay, there's sometimes upgrade kits on there. Mostly the sellers say 'US shipping only' but in my experience you can tend to make them change their mind if you contact them. And BTW, what's Thifbay?

  •  a pet name i have due to some issues :)


  • How can you buy one from yourself...? *Ends asking OTT Qs*
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  • Lost in translation from one side of the pond to another (and a typo) - I think Thiefbay is his pet name for ebay rather than himself....

  • Right been offered either of the motherboards
















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  • The p611c is the latest board !



  • That's right, the revision p611c seems to be the latest. But nobody so far has said anything about the differences between this board and the previous version.


    I wouldn't know which one to choose. The p611c may be better, but it is also mostly untested since I think almost no 720 owners have it. It seems to have come on to the market recently.


    Dell may also not want to say what has changed since they won't want to detail any shortcoming in the previous boards.


    Maybe the p661c mobo runs natively at a higher clock speed?


    Does anyone know?

  • I'll check my mobo - it's only about a month or so old. Be right back.


    UPDATE: Nope, doesn't match either of 'em, sorry. 

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  • There is about a £30 or $60 differnce price wise between the boards


    Around £200/$400 in the UK !  which as one of Dell parts suppliers said "The the MOST exspensive Board Ever !!!"


    So lets see what I can find in the US



  • With that sort of money, you might be better saving it, keeping the 710, and then upgrading to either a dell with the nehalem processors, or creating a new computer yourself then. This is all provided your 710 isn't fubared, of course. Just my 2 cents.
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  • Evolved, how can your motherboard not be a p116c if it's only a month old? The only other 720 mobo versions released earlier are the ck520 and the yu822.


    Blue, to upgrade yes you need a new front IO panel, a new IO ribbon cable, a new IO back plate, etc. Check the contents of the 720 upgrade kit. If you buy just the board you won't be able to run it just like that.

  • Oops - I just realised I had checked the barcode - which isn't relevant - against that photo. How do you check it then (surely it isn't the A0 thing, as wouldn't that make it the first mobo?)
  • Cheers Mark


    I took my 710 h2c apart this morn, i cant see what the diff between the the two front panels are


    The part number i could find where


    47985 1106

    CN OUW628 70821 O1N7 



    I'm on a motherboard at the mo and guy will include a rear i/o panel :)


    So .......




  • Blue, the black ribbon cable which runs from the motherboard to the front panel is different in the 720. (thinner). That's why the front panel changes. Also, there's an additional audio cable which runs from the mobo to the front left side of the panel. I think it's because enhanced audio capabilities of the 720.

    So at a minimum, you'll need the 2 new cables, back IO, and front panel. The usb/firewire remains the same.


    Evolved, you can check the mobo build under the barcode, it says something like 'CN-xxxx'. The xxxx should be one of the 3 versions.