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USB Problems - Dimension 4600


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USB Problems - Dimension 4600

  • My USB is driving me crazy.  Two problems.  One, I have a SimpleDrive external USB storage device. Worked a couple of times, but now I get the USB Device Not Recognized bubble. All USB controllers and root hubs check out OK and say drivers are current. Already loaded the USB driver refresh off dell website. Have tried all of the USB ports on the 4600. SimpleDrive device works fine on other computers, like at my office. 


    Problem two, MOST, but not all times that I connect a USB card reader to either front or back USB ports, the computer won't read the device.  I do not get the "device not recognized bubble, the software just says I don't have anything connected.  Have two different card readers, same result on both, regardless of which port I plug in to.


    I have:  Dell Dimension 4600 with XP, service pack 2.  All other USB devices seem to work OK. 


    Only other clue....When I plug in the card readers or turn on my HP C-4150 printer, I get a message entitled "Windows- No Disk" with the message "Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c"  This message is fairly recent compared to the other USB problems.

    Hope someone can please help! 

  • Hi Klextra

    This one drives everyone nuts and I don't think there's a real answer. I'm sure in most cases it is not hardware or software faults, but bad firmware/software error handling.


    Whatever, the best thing to try while searching for answer is update Dell drivers that you think might apply to the devices. I've a bunch of Optiplex 755 just deployed from a Ghost image and those 755s with card readers have this error regularly.


    Dell support suggested I update my "Desktop System Software" which is a driver download.


    I'm doing it but now I have the strange problem of how to provoke the error on demand! Until I can find exactly what causes it, I can't prove it's fixed.





  • Thanks phillwv,


    I did arrive at one solution.  I attached an AC Powered external USB hub to a rear USB port and now my SimpleDrive works when I go through the powered HUB.


    However, the powered HUB does not help with either of my card readers.  Oh well.  Part way there.



  • Sorry Klextra


    Missed the point of your post due to fatigue searching for 'Windows - No Disk' and note you already updated USB drivers, also missed.




    My Opt745 at home regularly fails to detect USB thmbdrives in the USB hub, so I must plug them directly into the PC. While I never bothered to resolve that (the workaround is too easy :) the only theory I've confirmed with USB devices not being detected is a 'drive letter' conflict, whereby two devices somehow want the same letter. Common enough issue for me to actually have a theory! Haven't chased that behaviour/symptom on the net but now routinely test for it when I can't detect a USB thingy.


    The 755's builtin 18-in-1 cardreaders claim drives E, F,G,H that makes a mess when searching for a device, btw.Good luck anyway.