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Dell Optiplex GX270 capacitor problems


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Dell Optiplex GX270 capacitor problems

  • I just had two GX270's fail today. :-( Open them up, and two capacitors are burst, and several are bulging. Googled the problem to see if others were also experiencing it, and lo and behold, it's a KNOWN manufacturing defect with the capacitors!

    Called Dell assuming that I would be told they would send out replacement motherboards (pretty certain that ours are shot since the capacitors are leaking on to the motherboards), and was informed that the cutoff date for replacement of these motherboards was Jan. 1, 2008.


    I asked if Dell had notified any of their customers that there was a problem with these capacitors and the rep said that he did not believe that had happened.


    How can they set a cutoff replacement date if no one has informed the consumer? Today was the first I had heard of this problem. I'm one of the "lucky" ones who's capacitors are just oozing, I guess. At least mine did not light on fire. I have two other GX270's that are from the same time period. I guess it's just a matter of time before those go too.


    Does anyone know if I can just replace the capacitors and have everything operational again? I work for a fairly small company and we don't have it in our budget to purchase new computers (and if I manage to talk the owner's into ponying up for new ones, you can be sure they won't be Dells!).. I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, if anyone can give me pointers on the replacement of these, I would appreciate it.


    Thanks for listening to my rant.


  • I'm no help on the capacitors but you can get lease returned GX270 here real cheap. Probably cheaper than fixing yours. Dell Financial Services . I have used them many times.



  • Thanks Mike, but doesnt really help me. I'm looking to get away from the GX270's. This is a huge problem that the 270's had.



  • They have lots of other models.


    Board repair.



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  • Yup, I've used them before. I guess my problem isn't that I want to replace the desktops. My problem is that Dell is refusing to service them. I understand where they are coming from, but I should not have to completely replace my desktop in two years. (Technology changes, yada yada... blah, blah).

    I feel that Dell should stand by their product and replace/repair the DEFECTIVE motherboards. Hence, when I replace these desktops, I'm not buying Dells. My only regret is that we just spent $30,000 in new Dell servers...



  • Resolution, finally! Dell is sending me two new motherboards.. I have to install them myself, but oh well... atleast I dont have to purchase new desktops!..


    (I emailed michael <at> with my complaint/concern and that's how I got a reply.)


    My advice: keep going up the food chain until you find someone that is able to do what is right!!

  • Missy,

    Who exactly did you contact at Dell to get this resolved?

    Is anyone else still struggling to get fair resolution?  I dont' mind installing my own MB, but they don't want to stand behind the product.  And somehow this is my problem because I didn't put enough hours on the machine to cause the leak before the deadline!


    If it were my company - I would put my customers before my supplier, but they are protecting a supplier here and it is the Dell name that suffers... I used to get excited when people asked about our Dell computers and the service... now I have to roll my eyes... this isn't the first time in 2008 I have been disappointed with Dell living up to the expectations they built in me...

  • I emailed Michael <at> Dell . com and explained the situation. One of his assistants emailed me back and we worked it out that way. I explained how disappointed I was that Dell was AWARE that this was an issue and never attempted to contact those affected, and explained how with a small company like mine replacing the computers just was NOT an option. I also explained that if I was forced to replace the computers, it would NOT be with Dells, and I would be sure to report my experience to other users.


    I'm not normally that ... demanding? ... but I agree, Dell isn't standing behind their product on this one, and the innocent users are getting burned because of it.


    Good luck!

  • I also emailed Michael but never received a response.
    What is another way to get in touch with the right person about this problem??

    Honestly - I don't know how to get ahold of anyone else. That is what I did and what worked for me. You could try calling customer service, but I dont know if that will get you anywhere.

  • I didn't have any luck going that route either.

    I am certain that Dell doesn't care about the small businesses anymore.  They don't realize how many of us have people that maintain their computers without calling warranty issues in because their service to the small business is so poor and it costs us less to do it ourselves than to wait on the phone.

    My response at this point - I will use every bit of every warranty I have remaining.  I will not do repairs myself any longer on the Dells I have.

    In addition - I already have one HP laptop that I am thrilled with.  Dell lost more in not replacing the motherboard than their minimal cost on the board itself.