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XPS 200 Replacing Hard Drive

  • Hard Drive crashed and I needed to replace it.  Old drive is Seagate and new one is Hitachi.  Old drive SATA 120gb and new drive is brand new SATA 160.


    When going into bios the new drive is verified.  I ran diagnostics and test came back no errors


    Problem is when installing Windows the new drive is not seen.  Error is something like no hard drive is found and setup will exit.


    I was able to do a bios upgrade and currently on A07 (01/08/2007) 

  • That is proably because you need to load th SATA drivers when the program asks for it usually will say Press F6 to load drivers.

    You need to obtain the sata drivers from the support web site for your system. Download them and on another system you need to extract them as they are in a compressed .exe file. Then you will either need to put them on a floppy or slipsteam them into the installation disk.

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