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Recover Partition

  • Hello,


    Well I had my old 420 replaced, which fixed all of the problems with the harddrive etc.


    but it came as a raid 0 with 2x500gb harddrives.


    i took a backup of the systems (had errors) and split the harddrives, and turned off the raid option, so i now have 2 harddives


    i tired to do the restore with no luck (this is how i know i had errors with it!)


    but anyhow, i reinstalled vista, and created a new 15gb partition at the front of the frist drive and the rest for the C drive. and OS, which installed all ok


    i was able to restore the recover partition back to the 1st partition


    but my question is how do i make it availble to work as a recover partition


    or should i just delete it, and but done with it.


    thanks anyone whos looks at this



  • The RECOVERY partition might still work using these instructions. Some folks just delete the RECOVERY partition since they have the reinstallation DVD and drivers.


    Because you installed Vista from the reinstall DVD, the MBR was overwritten and the system boot files are now on your C drive instead of the D drive (RECOVERY) where they were when the factory installed everything. So, I'm not sure if the RECOVERY will still work, even with those instructions. It's worth a try though. If it doesn't you could also try the following:


    Backup the RECOVERY partition to a DVD

    Boot from the Vista DVD
    Go to repair my windows

    Click continue or next

    Then go to DOS prompt..
    Eject the Vista DVD
    Insert the RECOVERY DVD... which includes the factory.wim image.
    There is an important tool in (tools) folder which is (imagex.exe)
    At the DOS prompt. type:
    E: (or whatever your DVD drive shows up as)
    cd tools
    imagex /apply e:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 d:\

    You will see the prosess start, wait until it finishes.. and the program will return (success)
    EXIT (to close the DOS window.)
    repair startup
    and continue until it finishes
    The PC will reboot

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  • thanks


    when i boot windows i get a choice to which harddrive to boot from the main c drive, or the recover drive.


    if i select the recover drive, it fails, with various errors messages


    i am just thinking of removing the drive, as i have used the dvd and the machine is running fine now.



  • Even if you can get it to work as a recovery partition, you will not be able to boot off of that drive. It isn't meant to be used as a boot drive. However, if you follow those instructions you may be able to use it for recovery purposes, although I'm not completely sure.
  • you can't boot the recovery partition. It is not a bootable partition.

    Since you are running vista if you want to remove the option to select the drives you can mod the boot file with program like Vistabootpro3.3 or Easy BCD. Vista handles dual booting files differently then XP.

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  • i am thinking of just deleting it, as i dont really need it now, get vista up and running great now, and i backed up my own version, so just thinking of deleting the dell one.


    I have been able to get the image file from the dell recover partition, so i could also use that with my own loader.