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Tv Tuner XPS 420 Drivers for XP


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Tv Tuner XPS 420 Drivers for XP

  • I have recently purchased a XPS420 and sucesfully installed XP and most of its drivers after readinf posts from this forum, i know its not possible to get the Miniview Driver working but in my device manager i have "Multimedia Video Controller" which im assuming is my tv tuner and "usb device" which still need drivers. I have tried unmplugging all my USB devices and have come to realise the usb device is possibly a port on the computer.


    Could anyone tell me where to get or what drivers i need for XP for the Tv tuner card and possibly how i sort the usb device in devince manager please ?


  • my tv stoped working one day and I had to go to avemedia web site and find my card and they had the drivers there. now my tv works fine.

    maybe you can find your card web page and find the drivers you need.


    don't know if that helps but good luck...

  • also I forgot to mention, you just bought your system, dell download page should have all the drivers for your system there. just need your tag number.  lots of luck
  • thanks farmboy, sorry to sound stupid but where do i find my tag number ?





  • just found it and checked, the dell website only include the Vista drivers for my system, it is actually the XP drivers im after



  • you should be able to find your tag number on your computer it's a small sticker. or you can log into dell support and get it there.



  • are you running with xp? or vista?

    or both like me.???

  • if your running with win. xp and your not sure if the drivers found on dell is for you, open your case and look at the tv card, there shoud be a name on there somewhere, then look it up on the net there you will find the drivers your looking for.

    lots of luck.

  • just XP now, i decided to take vista out completley im not a fan of it at all. I will open my case and have a look thanks for the help



  • XPS400 2.8Gig 820 D Dual Core -VIIV
    O/S WinXP Media Center Edition 2005
    3 G.B. DDR2 RAM PC5300 - 2-1G.B. 2-512M.B.
    Samsung Hard Drive 250G.B. 7200RPM
    Seagate externial 320G.B. H.D.7200RPM USB
    ATI 128M.B.HYPER Mem PCI-E X16 X300SE.DIM
    ATI TV Wonder Elite PCI
    19" FP
    Sigma-Tel Intergrated Audio 7.1 channel
    Logitech G15 Keyboard
    DVD-/+RW & DVD-ROM
    Pertelian X2040 ForeSight Systems LCD information Display
    Dell 944 AIO Printer
    Sytem Blower Slot Fan
    EASYWATCH LCD System Monitor /Fan Controller



             After installing my ATI TV Wonder Elite PCI TV Tuner card and configuring it to run thru the Media Center in Windows ,I was recieveing "missing codec"  error.  I was confused becasue everyone that recomended and had installed their TV Tuner thru MCE never warned me that I would have to download any additionial codec's ?   Then I realized I has not installed the Dell supplied Roxio software for burning video's and watching DVD's ,so I figured I would try installing that software bundle ( My DVD Combo ,Roxio Creator Plus) and sure enough I was pleasantly surprised when it supplied the needed codec ,so make sure its not a missing codec instead of a driver prob ?

                         Good Luck ,Gumba Nick